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  1. Hi there The battery is dead on my leyland day 4x4 army truck. I can't find where the battery is to charge it. Can anyone give me a clue? Does the cab have to be tilted? Regards Peter
  2. I have attached a list of defects that need attention before we can send for MOT. Any advise would be greatly appreciated image2018-04-18-131257.pdf
  3. Its a commercial MOT the truck will be used for festival work.
  4. Hi there We are currently working on an initial registration of our Leyland Daf army truck. At present we have a list of 7 points that need attention before we Can pass our initial MOT. I have been calling several commercial lorry mechanics and they have all declined saying that it is not something that they usually would get involved with. Could anyone recommend someone who might be willing to take on this job, ideally we are looking for someone on the south/southwest. Many thanks for any help
  5. Thanks for the info wendelspanswick, could you advise me what the blue cast certificate is????
  6. Hi there I was wondering if anyone from these forums could help me. I am looking to register a Leyland DAF 4x4 army truck bought from Withams. Could anyone advise on the following 1. Where can I obtain a certificate of conformity? 2. The vechile might be used for commercial purposes has anyone got experiences of installing digital tachograph equiptment> Many thanks for any help and assistance.
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