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  1. Hi All, Im looking for a Austin/Hillman/Morris/Standard Tilly Project, anything considered. Please PM with Details Regards Mike
  2. Hey all, Ive reluctantly decided ill have to my matador go 😢 Ive had it around 2 years, its been dry stored and rallied by myself at some local events. Unfortunately the farm i keep it on is being sold off so ill have to start paying mega money for a unit or store it outdoors. Mechanically shes in great condition. Engine is sweet as a nut, brakes are all fine and so is the steering, running gear and box. Ive added electronic Power Steering to make it a tad more palatable on the road. Cosmetically it needs some work, Theres nothing dra
  3. Im looking to purchase a CMP. All conditions considered. Please Pm me with any offers Cash Waiting Thanks
  4. Thanks for letting me know. Regards Mike
  5. Is this still for sale? Thanks Mike
  6. Hi all. My first post Im finally going to bite the bullet and buy myself a military vehicle. Looking for a Medium to Heavy truck, something that needs a light to medium restoration. Must be allied. Pm with any details. Thanks for looking. Mike
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