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  1. I have a number of new old stock of Hagglund new old stock parts for sale, please let me know if anyone is interested just added on eBay item 123620661136 thanks rob
  2. Hi, I have a M1101 trailer and I’m looking for GMC 8 bolt pattern truck wheels to lower the ride height, please can anyone let me know if any are available on here or where to locate any. thanks
  3. Hi Thank you for the help, I could only get as far as these parts are for the Supacat but they could be also for the Jackal as you mention, I doubt that I will be able to pin down what and where the parts fit and to what vehicle , but I thank you again for your help, Rob
  4. Thank you for trying to find the DML information, not sure where to go now, I don’t suppose Babcock release part numbers ? I will drop them an email you never know
  5. Clive, The DML numbers are driving me crazy, if it’s Land Systems Stock number there must be a database and a cross referencing system available to the Military, I will try a FOI and see if they can make any headway, Thanks for your input, Rob.
  6. So there is know way to tell what the items are or for what vehicle or use thanks
  7. Hi, This is the type of number I am investigating, I cannot find any information on any web site, or a cross reference to the NSN data bases, is this a complete different system the military use for internal use only, ? thanks for any help with this Rob.
  8. Look for a pair of these rear light units
  9. Hi Have you any rear light units ? Rob
  10. Thanks I will ring for a qoute Rob
  11. Hi, what do each mean, I thought all the parts only has NSN numbers thanks
  12. Good morning, I need a Snatch moving from Nottingham to Spalding, can anyone do this or know someone who can, later this week, if so please send me details and a price, Regards, Rob
  13. Good Evening All, New to this forum, I have a few bags of MOD parts, I’m having real trouble finding what they are, the part number starts with DML followed by a six digit number, I have searched the internet with no luck, has anyone any idea where I can find a reference to this type of identification used by the MOD. Regards, Rob.
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