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  1. So it looks like somebody had some left over in his shed
  2. Thanks for the info , had all ready a bad feeling about the numbers . Will try to get some foto's off the frame and engine numbers . The owner of the bsa is telling me it's is from 1942 .
  3. Hi , can buying a BSA M21 can any body help me whit the year of production . The owner give my the frame number M214XX9 and engine number M216XX4 . Kind regards Aalbert
  4. Hallo i have a Triumph whit the frame no. TL49585 Seat post no. T.F.C.1044 Engine no. 3HW CC309 Gearbox no. TE-46859 Magdyno no. L4490038 The engine no. appears to be overstamp Can somebody give me some more information about the numbers Kind regards Aalbert
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