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  1. Don't be sorry please. You helped anyway! And a photo would have been just miraculous! I keep chasing! And certainly will share results in the future thanks for your wishes
  2. Dear Bluebelle your knowledge is amazing! Do you think there is a chance to know if my 98EL86 was part of it?
  3. Nice! I will send you this by the evening I guess
  4. Thank you Ruxy, I got exactly what I needed at Smithies and for free! Good for the future. I am going to improve dramatically my level of English! (useful to date with a mechanic but useless with girls...)
  5. Thanks! the link you sent me is for the file I already have. I am trying the Smithies and will let you know
  6. You are absolutely right about 14/20 being in Libya: it's not option 1. Do you mind if I send to you my B card in pm? That would eliminate option 3...
  7. That's correct and I thank you for the collaboration to discover the history of my Rover 8. My problem is that B historical data Card says it was send in 1964 to Germany at the 14/20th KH as part of the BAOR. Then how can I explain the sandy desert colour!? There is no markings appearing :((
  8. Exactly, I got the history card that's why I know its regiment but it doesn't count with detailed information: no details on assignment within the 14/20 KH, only when it changed regiment. One thing bothers me: the sandy desert colour. I am looking for a source that could say for sure my 98 EL 86 was sent to XXX and that explain it was painted sandy desert upon the DBG original (still appearing on some part, like inside part where stands the engine). I can't imagine my Rover 8 FFR was painted sandy desert if it never leaved Germany!
  9. Hi Soundhound! my name's Julien and I am starting the restoration of a Rover 8 FFR 1964 dispatched to the 14/20th King's Hussars. Your picture interests me a lot because of an issue I have with my 98 EL 86. It was first dispatch in Dark Bronze Green to Germany, but ended in sandy desert colour without a documented explanation... I was wondering if it could have been sent to Libya or Cyprus in 1964/1965, just by the time you were there! Do you know any way to get track record or evidence of its presence outside Germany? Thanks in advance for your answer
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Hi This is my first contribution to the community. I hope it will help. In return does anybody have some files more technical about Series II FFR? See you
  11. Hi everybody I am writing from Corsica, France, where I am starting the renovation of my Rover 8 swb ffr, 1964, vin 98 EL 86 first step for me is to try to rescue the history of the vehicle. I know from the B historical data card that it was first send to Germany to the 14/20th king's hussars. It was originally dark bronze green but ended sandy desert as the regiment went to Libya and Cyprus. But I don't know for sure which campaign it was assigned to. does anybody know how to get evidence of a vehicle behind sent to a particular battlefield? I thank you all in advance and I am glad to be part of your community. I will surely need support in the future. See you! Attached pictures showing the first steps of the rescue from the bush!
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