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  1. Thanks Ted for all comments. The WOT 1.was brought back ln 1980 a bit of a state .But all completely . Painted red or had been its last colour. I already had another 1942 conviction WOT1 crash tender missing pump&engine pipe work (one in Battle of Britain film) The had to make a decision witch was the one to restore . As the 42 conviction had all its gunmetal missing.The one I had brought was the one that got preserved.Then 20 years of trying to find information about it . T CORBIN some FORD PICTURES
  2. Thanks Ted Its 22 years ago that the WOT was painted .I think it might have lost some of darker shades of colour over that time.I think .Micheal Starmer should had done a bit more research. Steve Shirley is having to find a new home for the collection & wasn’t happy with his letter. The WOT 3 was painted with the same light earth as the WOT 3 . As my paint supplier keeps all my paint No . But it does look a bit lighter T CORBIN
  3. This picture was taken back in late 1978 . I know where one is did the sand one survive.If so where is it. T CORBIN.
  4. Just had aWhatapp from S SHIRLY .He sent me the article by Micheal Starmer in the. heritage Commercial about the Camouflage on the Wotty. That l restored back in 1980/2000 .Having the same Camouflage from 2000 to now. Steve wants to reply to comment. I restored it with the best information I could obtain . His information is not the same as the RAF ORDERS for 31-12 -42 that I got from HENDON. Does anyone know the correct camouflage ??? T CORBIN
  5. I have been restoring a 1950 80in Land Rover for the last 4 years .It became more of a challenge than all the other MV that I have done in the past .Their are not many 70year parts about like most military mv. It’s nearly ready for the road . T CORBIN
  6. Looks likely that you have a GTBC .We have a collection of them the GTBC that we restored is USN 103247 a bit before yours . As Bas said all Gtb where neg earth .We do have some parts .Depending on the body you want to put on it . Hard parts to find( petrol tank . Spare wheel carriers. Pas seat.Rear body for cargo . Chain hoist -hand winch for bomb service..Most Jeep electric parts will work not starter. Pictures would help .Tony corbin
  7. Sorting out workshop have just found some plaques.Brings backs some memories.Might be able to find some pictures if anyone is interested T CORBIN
  8. Just been given this news paper cutting. No more information? T Corbin.
  9. As I have been restoring MV for a long time all WW 11. And some rare ones .I am about half way restoring a 1950 series’1 Land Rover . Witch is more of a challenge than some of the WW11 trucks . I hope to take it to any show as it still part of our history of transport
  10. Back in 1979 we went to NORMANDY in our Albion CX 22 with a group from DUXFORD . I was thinking of taking it back for the 2019 tour. But after thinking it was to slow . To wide and I was older than than the ALBION . So I decided to take the INTERNATIONAL M-2-4. witch is much more at home on the wrong side of the road.and much faster an can keep up any convoy. As the ALBION would get would be left a long way back . Their where lots of changes in 40 years . But ARROMANCHES BEACH at 6am on 6 June just like I rember 40 years & the parade through BAYEUK was much larger and their lots more people There are a few pictures of both Normandy tours We did have a problem on the way to Portsmouth we blew a core plug luckily we had a spare mended it on the side of the A3 and made a temporary fix with a web of wood against the dynamo this got us to the ferry at Portsmouth and to Port en Bessie In the morning after taking the dynamo off the truck we were able to fix the core plug in position correctly I would like to Thank all those who helped especially Gavin Copland from Jeep parts for TheLoan of his large hammer and his last tube of Hematite We Able to travel around Normandy after the fix and get home without any further trouble and covered 580 miles in total Tony corbin
  11. Dave Parker Colin Bent. My self. Brought the Albion in 1974. Sad that Colin is no longer with us . Dave still has the Constructor T CORBIN
  12. Hasn’t been to any events for a number of years . The drivers are older than the truck . It’s not very friendly to other road users at 23mph & close to 9 ft wide .It has covered about 16000 miles. In presavation. We had booked in in for Normandy in June but chanced our planes and now taking our International M-2-4. Instead. T CORBIN
  13. We have had the CX 22 for 44 years .And lives at DUXFORD . As did the scammer back in 1979 .When we all went to NORMANDY. ALBION CX 22 Leyand Hippo Scammel poiner. If you can find children’s swing you can get the spare wheel of the top of the truck & back . Camp site at St Mary’s Giles. The first time 3 large MVs went on tour. Not the last for the Albion T CORBIN
  14. When we acquire our CX 22 back in 1970s it had on spare wheel .And was told that heavy artiliry tractors did not carry one.Not shore about scammer pioneer. We have one fixed to the back of the crew bulked now. T Corbin
  15. When I had my m-2-4 & trailer inspected by the DLVA for tax class .i was told I could not carry any bombs on the trailer as it was loaded .And would require HGV road tax. & plating . But if the bombs where fixed (bolted or welded ). It then became part of the trailer for desplay & not a load. Before you carry an think on your GMC . Do some homework on what you can carry leagley T CORBIN
  16. No WOT 1. But WOT 3. +. Mistrey ? GPW. . 7V. BB. ???? Tony
  17. Best I can do without a scanner Tony
  18. Will send more when I get my copper /scanner working. Tony
  19. Hi Duson I have about 100 pictures .Any pictuler model that your interest in T CORBIN
  20. John walker brought all the ford parts .He is in row G. .The only man selling British WW11 parts at the show TONY CORBIN
  21. Called in to W&P to day to find our camping area . I had a MV booked in online .Not interested in Mv did give me two rist bands so we drove the car in. .cheap way to go ot W&P for 5 days. T CORBIN
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