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  1. Fantastic work and great series of photos. I really love following your project.
  2. We think we used to say mud map. I believe they make a sand table when it is proper briefing in an organized situation.
  3. Hi, my name is Rolf Graham and I live in Sweden but was born and grew up in Western Australia. I have since my childhood been interested in vehicles from the Second World War. I suppose it started by looking at TV series and WWII films, it then grew stronger as I built many plastic models as a teenager with my main interest being tanks of the second World War. I enjoy reading books about the history of the Second World War especially personal experiences of the troops at the on front line. My hobbies include fixing things, I'm better at fixing wooden projects as I as a carpenter by
  4. I am no expert or mechanic, but will tell you about an experience I had one summer. I have had exactly the same thing happen suddenly to a veteran boat motor that needed a 2 percent oil blend in the fuel. Turned out that we used the wrong type of oil in the blend. It was very frustrating, lost a whole summer out on the water with the carb apart at least twice. After a tip from a boat mechanic to change fuel lines and start with fresh fuel and oil, bobs your uncle. l don't know if you have a blended fuel or not, but checking the fuel quality is a simple messure to start with. cheers R
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