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  1. I believe the air is bled out. I have used laser to check hot spots. The previous owner added a quality aftermarket temp gauge that appears accurate
  2. Drove it maybe ten miles with the back plate off. Seemed to help? Got up to almost 215 degrees at high Rpms. I'm convinced low speeds are fine. Making a vented back engine cover for a 12 mile test run to annual show. Manual says to pull over at 240 degrees. Seems a little hot.
  3. Now that winter is finally over back to work on the fox. Curious if heat exchanger restriction could be possible. Going for a test run soon with out back plate and going to monitor transmission temp. Also am I paranoid about driving at 225 degrees when the manual says do not hard run engine and exceed 240 degrees?
  4. How long did it take to overheat? I'm going to address the silencer at this point.
  5. Your probably right. I'm still learning. What do you think about driving with silencer off and back cover off? If it don't over heat then it might help narrow it down? Thanks for the help
  6. OK. Was going to drive fox without silencer to see if it would overheat. Best I can tell it is homemade and hollow. Took back cover off and observed ware on the edge of the blower motor belt. Thought of test run with cover off to see if it would not overheat.
  7. After removing the silencer guard I tapped on the silencer and it sounds hollow. Could that be a problem?
  8. I guess I remove the muffler/silencer and drive it.
  9. How do I know correct/stock muffler from repro?
  10. This time I didn't stop at 205 degrees only being a couple miles from home. It rose to 220 when I stopped and was boiling when I shut it off. Then went to 250 not running. It lost only a few drops of anti freeze. Does this mean anything?
  11. On the last test run after approximately 10 miles it reached 200 degrees and I stopped. The radiator covers were very hot. The engine covers were only warm.
  12. I had radiators checked and all is good. Is it possible of a bad pressure relief valve.
  13. no. My plan is to remove the 2 radiators and send them to a shop to have them roded. Thanks
  14. Thank you all for the feed back I will try the suggestions.
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