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  1. Just wondering what value would my trailer be worth. It looks like a 10cwt trailer that was probably an ex mortar trailer and Orme Evans had previously re issued it at some point. I have seen restored versions at £2500 and £1750 for sale but that was a few years ago. Any advice would be appreciated as I'm tempted to sell it .
  2. Just noticed my trailer vehicle number is yk 77 88 and very similar to a post byhubby Humber (aka Adrian) posted on Feb 24 2014. Which I think was altered in the same post war batch by orme evans. As told to me by another member of the site . Nice to think they still exist.
  3. Looking at a few other threads on the forum I think my trailer use to have the hitch similar to the mortar trailer in the photos from "10 Cwt British Trailer gathering - Saturday 6th July thread" by cordenj Although on mine the manual arms that were welded on the end of the drawbar either side have been cut off. And for some reason the original hitch had been reincorperated into the drawbar rather than on top then cut off and replaced by a more modern hitch. I could see some reminants of it actually inside the end of the drawbar.:laugh:
  4. I'm guessing that there are not many of these around, looks like I will have to make a bit of room in the shed to stop it from further deterioration. The price of replacement tyres seems expensive , but then again they are quite large. :red: I use to think it was just a trailer however it seems these vital bits of equipment have there own story to tell.
  5. I have what looks like a 10 cwt mortar trailer which I have had a few years. Afirst I thought it was old Sankey trailer that I was going to convert into a camping/expedition trailer but gave up on this idea because of its 6 stud wheels that confused me as I thought being a sankey trailer would just have standard Land Rover 5 stud wheels. Its had a replacement hitch sadly and the tailgate is at the back . It's brakes are not connected , a wheel nut is missing the tyres perished and the boards have been replaced with what looks like scaffolding board. Now I've got the dilemma of what to do
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