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  1. Is it a drive shaft to a geared hub or a perrot shaft for front wheel brakes?
  2. I brazed a new steel flange onto the cast iron exhaust manifold of my 1927 Vauxhall 14/40 a decade ago. Has done over 10,000 miles of hard, fast driving without coming apart. Done with 1/16 brazing rod dipped in sif-bronze flux after a gentle pre-heat with a propane torch.
  3. Not quite correct. Nicopress Swagers are used to compress copper ferrules onto wire rope. First used by the National Telephone Supply Company for making rigging cables. As an aircraft mechanic I use one regularly, couldn't do without it!
  4. I don't own any military vehicles but do flog around the west country in a 1927 Vauxhall and a 1936 Aeronca. I was an apprentice at 43 District Workshop REME (Aldershot) from 1986 to 1990 and still have a great interest in military machinery. My indulgance is to vicariously read the restoration blogs. Good luck to all! Bertie
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