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  1. March this year Richard Edmonds auction it went for around 10,000 ....there's a few pictures on here if you look back......
  2. The Photos don't do it any justice , it was far worse in the flesh ....🙈
  3. Yes quite a few non original features .......
  4. That Jeep went for £9,000.00 , plus 12% commission. The other jeep,which was a Ford. I bid up too £10,500.00 not quite making the reserve . I did the deal for £12.000.00 including commission ...
  5. yes I checked it out a while back ... nice to think mine was a little bit cheaper and all there running ...😉
  6. Thanks for putting this up , I have one of my own mines a bit better nick though ... he
  7. Glad the Bolt fitted Paul ...! Keep the pictures coming ....😁
  8. Give me a ring Paul 07956355198 . We can have a look over our Albion . Ft11 Can't seam to E-mail you .. Andy
  9. Just picked this up for my Son to go trail riding .. anybody know absolutely nothing about these bikes . Who used them what they looked like in service etc....
  10. Think I might be able to help ...Pm sent
  11. I Found this Forum while doing a search on my Fathers Albion FT 11 we've had this vehicle 25 years odd. Still needs some finishing ... Andy Howes
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