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  1. Many thanks Tony. I will get on the phone tomorrow and order the filters/ oil. I did read 5w30 oil was the stuff to use, but others look towards a traditional Castrol oil. What would you recommend? And do you know of any other Mowag's around. Pic's are far and few between but do think there are at least two others in the UK. Cheers
  2. Thank you for the welcome! Yes, Wikipedia gave me a clue to its origins. Thing is, first thing I do when i buy anything is go through it for peace of mind, so want to change all oils and fluids filters and plugs before tackling the weeping diff and O/S rear leak which is either brake cylinder or axle seal. Fuel gauge does not work (could be electrical?) and it needs a new exhaust that has been lashed up with overwelds and paste. Plus tyres are perished. Anyone know what Dodge the engine came out of, if the running gear also was used in the Dodge, and if so where the best place to buy the p
  3. Hello to all.Great to be included in this forum!I was looking around the web for info on a recent perchase of a military vehicle my wife thought was cute!! and found HMVF!Once i got it home, I realised that somethin old, rare (for the UK) and military is quite dificult to get to grips with for even the most basic maintenance requirements.So without hoping to sound too one sided, was looking to see who knows what about the original 1950's Mowags.This place seems a mine of information, so some good advice (hopefully not to tell me not to buy it, its too late!) and an eye on local event to attend
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