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  1. We called them Painners , the ones that fit on the sides of the turret or as you call saddlebags yes .
  2. It probably had a range of 10, 500 yards compared to the full size one which was 13,400 yards firing Charge Super and a muzzle velocity of 1,700 ft/sec . The "Short or Baby " 25 pdr could be broken down on to 14 mule loads for use in that theatre of operations, ie the jungles of New Guinea .
  3. It's like a "Baby 25 Pdr" when you look at it
  4. The only artillery piece that I haven't seen ,that doesn't have a sub calibre mount was a M107/175mm SPG πŸ˜‰
  5. It's nice to have friends who can help us and understands the pitfalls of running a Stollie . Many thanks once again . Niall aka Scoobie
  6. We tried your suggestions on running the engine and low and behold it works !😊😊😊. so many thanks gentlemen for your suggestions πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Scoobie
  7. Hi Eddy8men, What's the going rate for them ?
  8. This will be probably to late for anyone but , here goes . The use of a bren/ Lee-Enfield ride as a a training aid , as you say Monty I 've seen 25 Pdr Field guns and one on a Abbot training aid in Germany in the 70s in Gutersloh.
  9. Hi All, We are after two turret baskets ( that fit on the side of the turret) if any ones knows of where we can get some or template of them.Any suggestions will be grateful.
  10. Hi , Abit of Information on the Royal Navy latest Aircraft Carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth , she comes in at a gross tonnage of 65,000 tons and a top speed of 25 knots , carrying a full complement of 75 F-35 aircraft . The flight deck is painted with a special type of paint that dissipates the heat from the engines of the F-35. Her hanger space could fit two Type 23 side by side , the flight deck has the area of 4 football pitches. She has a full complement of 700 , which is less that the Invincible Class which had 850 . Her sister ship ,HMS Prince of Wales will join the fleet in 2021 after completing her sea trials.
  11. Ok , sorry Just thought you would like to know some more information on her .
  12. With a plea from the USN for an extra aircraft carrier to replace the USS Hornet and damaged Enterprise HAS Victorious was temporarily assigned to the US Navy under the codename of "USS Robin" HMS Victorious , sailed to Pearl Harbour in March 1943 , where she was converted so Wildcats and Avengers could operate from her deck. She also was fitted with 45 20mm and 21 40 mm guns .In May she and USS Saratoga joined Group 36.3 in operations against Japanese shipping.. The Victorious also took part in Operation Cartwheel, the invasion of New Georgia, Solomon's in August but by mid -October she had returned to Scapa Flow. A sort of lend/ lease in reverse !
  13. We are going to Sutton & Huxby county Show on Sunday , we where going to take the Stollie but with the Clutch plates not playing it was put on the back burner. hope the weather keeps fine .
  14. Thanks Andy, How's the Abbot coming along Andy?
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