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  1. With the ongong task of tidying stuff I have found some bits to sell. The first is I assume a wartime British waterproof 75mm gun cover . all in good order except asmall thumb nail size hole which ou can see in the pictures price £50. Also the ultimate tank tuning piece of equipment 1945 dated and can be used on any wartime british afv. Last used about 8 years ago and seemed to work fine. . All cables in good order and appears complete further pics available on request. £400 ono
  2. Yes that sounds about right . Sounds like it may have gone abroad would explain why I have not seen it since . Thanks
  3. Hi All I used to own the attached truck I know it got sold to a dealer in the North of the UK. Does anyone know if the vehicle still around ? Thanks
  4. Hi I tried Chris previously but no luck. I think i have probably sourced some pedals locally now. Thanks for your help. Richard
  5. Does anyone out there have a Bedford QL Clutch and Brake Pedals they would be interested in selling ? Thanks Richard
  6. Just having a clear out of some bits so per the photos there are 2 x ammo boxes one is 1945 dated . 3 x fire extinguishers(all full) on mounting brackets, some straps, some rifle clips plus what ever else you see in the photos. £75 the lot. Items located south east Kent .
  7. My wife was feeling a bit left out at the MV shows so she has bought herself a Bedford MW , muggins here has been tasked (with help from Richard Farrant) to fix the few bits and pieces(not that there is much) that are wrong with it. One obvious thing that is wrong is the bottom of the windscreen where the rubber seal attaches. Could anyone take a picture of the bottom of the screen and if possible how the rubber attaches so I can get some channel with the correct profile Thanks Richard
  8. Not unknown to me eihter . I own it and have done for a number of years.
  9. James Just on the off chance you havent thought of this but have you spoken to Preston Isaacs I know he has some 4.5/5.5 bits for sale cheers Richard
  10. Hi all I managed to get some pictures taken over the weekend but have nticed one monor prblem I don't have the end connection on to the trafficator so if anyone has any pics of that bit i should be able to get something made Thanks Richard
  11. Hi all will take some pics and get some measurments tomorrow. Will see how easy it is to take apart and see if i can get a price to make a replacment Cheers Richard
  12. Bryan Yes definitely cable operated i have a basically complete one on my tank transporter was going to get a couple made so i also had one for my recovery. Can send some pictures over at the weekend when i get back up the workshop Richard
  13. Bought mine from morris Lubricants and the more you buy the cheaper it gets also as noted free delivery as well
  14. I recently noticed odd holes in my austin K5 spare wheel carrier i assume they are for a bracing bar of some kind I know the QL one is slightly different. can any of the k5 owners out there help. thanks Richard
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