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  1. On 9/11/2020 at 4:35 AM, mammoth said:

    Mike Sutcliffe of the Leyland Society wrote up a description of all the Leyland 'RAF types' in Volume 1 of Leyland Journal which were in production between 1914 and 1931. The  war time version was rated as 4 tons and modifications of design was ongoing from before wars start until in 1916 the design was 'locked in'. New designs started to be introduced in 1919. Virtually all parts bore the part no, either cast in or with a brass tag riveted on, The hubs for pneumatic wheels were introduced around 1923, first on the 2 & 3 tonners followed by the heavier models. Some of us have the complete parts list as well as illustrated parts books.

    How could I obtain some info for these ? Like illustrations parts books manuals ? As I know these are non existent now but if some people could help me out that would be fantastic

  2. The work being carried out on this vehicle is basically an overall check. Change fluids sort out any issues and a full re paint at some point 


    The Leyland Society sounds very useful and I sure will try and get in content with them. Thank you for the info 


    I am yet to retrieve the numbers from the chassis 

  3. I shall have a dig for the numbers. 

    Mr.Dawson still owns this vehicle it is one of his private collection. He has entrusted me and my company to get it back up to road worthy spec 

  4. 2 hours ago, Tomo.T said:

    Hi Andrew, looks like an R.A.F. type Leyland which has been modified for civilian use after the War. The brush bar and recovery hooks are signs of previous military service. However the cab has been replaced and pneumatic tyres fitted in place of the original solids. There should be a number in the centre of the drilled front chassis plate which would confirm it's age. It is more or less impossible to find out where  these vehicles served, but many were refurbished by Leyland after the War, the vast majority of which returned from France.

    Good luck with your project. Tomo


    Brilliant thank you for your reply I really appreciate it 


    when you say RAF is that a type of truck or is that Royal Air Force ? 

    also where abouts on the member will those numbers be on the outside of it or the inside ? 

    might be buried under the paint. 

    so would the likely hood of her going to Egypt be true or would it have most likely been France ? 

  5. Hello 


    and thank you to all that will take the time to read this 


    my name is Andrew I am 24

    I run a small classic vintage and veteran vehicle workshop in Birmingham and currently have in for recommissioning a 1915 Leyland Truck. 

    I love History and the wars so when I got the chance to work on this Leyland I gladly accepted the offer.


    I am here seeking your guidance and knowledge. The furthest I’ve got with research is just google. And apparently this vehicle was in the Egyptian desert during WW1. Firstly is there any way anybody could confirm this ? I know they used FWD lorry’s, Thornycrofts and AEC’s but never found much about Leylands ? 

    I have many many more questions and am very happy to chat if anybody has any advice or help 


    Thank you 1DA591E9-8AD2-4E5E-8AEB-F4BF148C7770.jpeg.ea075eafdd297fde78dde3e1a04e3060.jpeg7E8035F0-56D4-424E-A0DB-5CCCB30CCDCE.jpeg.c68ec76beaec912d9a029a3e3ade268d.jpegB15BBB55-958F-48FF-992C-3D88B23FDA9D.thumb.jpeg.ed2e51a527aebdfe2d256436b41f51ad.jpeg

  6. Does anybody on here know any publishers as I haven’t been able to buy the magazines and they did a 4 part special on Militants of which my truck is in the one and would like a copy but just keep drawing a blank. 

    I did order the first 3 magazines but they didn’t arrive in the post and it is now too late to fix this 

    Any help ?


  7. Tonight was the night I’ve been dreading. Worse than taking the looms and wiring out, worse than taking them all apart and cleaning them and making sure there all serviceable. Was the fitting............surely they won’t work I’m useless haha. Wrong all fitted and after 3 months of standing she fired up with no fuel bleeding on the second turn. It was beautiful. A noise my ears had much missed. Once I composed myself I set about checking the charge rate and switching all the lights and make sure the feeds come out of all the appropriate wires for when the lights are connected and they all work. I’m astounded. And very happy. Can’t wait to get all the drivers side all built back up and ready


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  8. Well after stripping all the electrics out and taking them apart for a clean and investigation. Everything painted and ready to refit and hope they all work too. Finally got round to painting more of the inside of the cab. So far on the inside the top half of the cab is all painted and all the driver side, so ready for refitting of parts ie dash, all the electrics, seat and rear shelves. Hopefully really start cracking on with the final parts to get all the cab and electrics complete the finish painting the last of the panels so I can mask her up and spray everything else DBG. Hoping to get her back on the road for the end of this year. All complete painted all lights complete and ready to accept a body and crane one I can build a body and find a crane to put on her. Hopefully more regular updates from now till then  


  9. Another chapter in the horrible tale of.... Militant electrics and the boy who knew nothing. Haha this part was pretty easy just take them off take them apart read the wiring names inside label the wires so I know where they need to go clean up put together and paint. Simple easy and effective. Think I’m getting somewhere now. I think I’m going to start stripping the inside of the cab and start painting it next before re fitting all the electrical items 








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  10. 5 hours ago, Zero-Five-Two said:

    Militant electrics are very simple compared to modern motors, but do shout up if you need advice.

    I’m okay with modern stuff as long as it’s wiring and not electric diagnosing. Plus I have fancy computers but just getting used to all the wire names and things like that but thanks rob I’m getting there slowly enjoying it haha 

  11. Finally decided to crack on with my most feared job. The wiring.......... now to most of you it might be easy but because I am part of the youth generation it’s never been my strong point I could just about wire a plug in. So with no help and a wiring loom and a multi meter I set about re building the dash pod which turns out all the wires inside the dash had been disconnected so a full strip down clean up re wire and rebuild. And the dash switch board rebuild which was a case of strip read all the little wire names work out what the hell dose what use a boost pack to put feeds here there and everywhere and see where they come out haha. Now both rebuilt and in the vehicle working as they should I think. All to do now it to sort out what feeds and wires come out of the floor and tidy it all up. Scary moments I don’t like electrics haha 


    P.S I do have the hand book with the wiring diagram in the back. That was a god send. 



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  12. 1 minute ago, radiomike7 said:

    Have  you seen the photo on the 1978 LB run or were you the owner at the time?


    Yes I’ve seen that one I’ve done loads of research into her. Unfortunately not the owner she’s just in for a check over and a few bits to fix, also on that L2B photo page you’ll see a 1913 FWD lorry, we’ve worked on that one too same owner as the Leyland 

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