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    Antiques of all kinds/Specializing in Militaria, Love to Fly RC Planes, especially warbirds!
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    Auctioneer for Catawiki.com/Militaria/Military Vehicles/RC Models
  1. Here is a M3 that is France, they might have parts also for the M5. https://auction.catawiki.com/kavels/11760439-1943-usa-us-army-m3-half-track
  2. Yes, your right about the spring, but I don't see where that detracts from the bike at all. There are many WLA's that have the spring installed that way. Especially for Old US Army vets like me that need a little extra cushion on the behind..:cheesy: Yes, I seen that too but again, I dont think it takes anything away. I think he did a good job of camouflaging it. I still think all in all it is a beautiful bike and well done, especially if those are the only two things that stick out, a little.:-) Anyway, thanks for the input.:thumbsup:
  3. This is a beautiful Harley WLA https://auction.catawiki.com/kavels/9737487-harley-davidson-42-wla :shocked: The Blackout Light is even correct;)
  4. A nice "Deuce" and some others here. https://auction.catawiki.com/militaria-antique-weaponry-auction/kijkdagen/67417
  5. Sorry but I am afraid it will have to be Mate's against Mate's and may the best Mate win....:-D:nut:
  6. Hello Everyone! My name is Jeff and it is a joy to be here with all who share the passion! I am an American living in Germany and I am a US Army Vet. I have always loved history and with history goes Antiques. I started out when I was young collecting old signs and what ever bottles I didnt shoot with my gun..:cool2: Yes, I grew up on a farm in the USA and guns were always a part of my life. Growing up it was always me, my dog and my gun traipsing through the woods. My interests started to sway more towards Militaria at about 15, and then when I joined the NG and was driving Willys around, I fell in love. During my time in the NG and US Army I was able to drive or ride in a multitude of Military Vehicles and so I have been dealing with them for 37 years now. I also love to fly RC Planes. I have been involved in RC flying and clubs since 1994. I am a member of the German Model Aircraft Association and belong to a local German flying club. My favorites of course are my warbirds. I have a beautiful North American B-25 "Mitchell" bomber with a wingspan of 2,1m, and a P-51 Mustang! I recently have been blessed to land my dream job, I was hired to practice my hobby as a job, an Auctioneer at Catawiki.com for Militaria, and the lead Auctioneer for Military Vehicles and RC Models. I plane on making Catawiki Military Vehicles Auctions the best there is! The current auction was done by a colleague of mine and I will be doing the rest in the future. I hope you all will have a look, once in a while and let me know how I am doing:-D:nut: I know there will probably be differences of opinion but that is what forums are for (but keep it decent please, I embarrass easy:cool2:)! I have many years in the field but there is always a lot to learn, and I hope to learn a lot more from the HMV nuts of this wonderful forum. C-ya, Jeff
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