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  1. Evening all. I am wondering if any of you can help us track down my late father in laws Bedford oyd?? Reg number 1220df build date of 1944 & was sand in colour. Was sold in the early 90's & we have seen a picture of it in a magazine where it was abandoned in a field around the oxford area i think..... According to dvla its on sorn but that doesnt mean much. Any clues to the where abouts would be appreciated thanks
  2. A pair of humber one ton rear tool boxes in very good straight condition with very slight surface rust. £40. Will post
  3. Are you after one up and running ready to go or one to tidy up?
  4. What a great video of her being raised. If only more projects like this were undertaken. Good news she is being saved at last.
  5. As the heading says I have (I think) a ferret bin for sale. any offers??
  6. Have we made the final list to jack? Need to know soon to book time of work and sort the dog sitter out! (well not sort the dog sitter out but "arrange"....):red: Nigel
  7. Also dragged out the shed and not used for years is this A frame drawbar. adjustable width and legs slide out to approx 5ft in length(shown with one leg in and one out) Will take a nato hitch using the grey adaptor shown in the pics or go on a drawbar pin. Has various adaptors to fit vehicle end in a clevis style. Not sure what this was designed to be used with. £50
  8. Here are a couple of tool lockers found in my shed. Marked with an FV number so post war but I don't know what they are off. £20 each :undecided:
  9. Due to lack of time thanks to work (always gets in the way of things) halftrack wont be ready in time for the event.. :embarrassed: Hippo and QLR ready an waiting in the wings though...
  10. International m5 halftrack. Currently in bits but going back together hopefully before the event!!
  11. Evening all! After registering an interest do we wait for an invite to attend? As its only 6 weeks until the event i would have though i might have heard something by now. Hoping to attend with a hippo, qlr & halftrack. We took part in both the previous events with our hippo so thought would be nice to take part again.
  12. y to go. Will lift 2.5 ton & fit in a shipping container.£1000
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