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  1. Ill let him tell you himself, but I was there at Beltring watching as a spectator before I knew Mario, I would love a Photo of that.She really does pull well as she has a 305 Rolls and we have had work done to take her out to 340bhp.
  2. I own Marios old Foden, she has 340bhp and Fuller Gearbox, Pulls like a train.
  3. We had a great time at Dorset this year,by far the best show of the year.
  4. As a Committee member of the NLBA I answered some of the negative comments posted regarding our clubs behaviour at the War and Peace show. Yes our club is loud and brash and we also raise a lot of money for charity although this does not excuse the activities of a minority of our members. We held an emergency committee meeting a week after the show regarding incidents with a large water pistol and also a car being driven dangerously in the early hours and the member concerned has been excluded from the club permanatly, The show organisers also received complaints about the loud music from our
  5. Great to see the video of the Scammell being winched out, my son Ben was there in his Berliet wrecker and he loved every second of it. He got stuck at the first section and had to go round it so he went back the next night and went straight through to prove he could do it.It seems he inadvertantly knocked the Diff lock lever out with his thigh the first time and he was gutted . I would like to thank all the Scammell boys for making him so welcome,.He grew up with a Scammell Pioneer and now wants an Explorer. Most 19 year olds want a hatchback !
  6. Rac Truckcare, you are covered and you only pay for what you use.
  7. Autohome are very very good, we have three trucks with them and have had to be recovered once, no trouble,curteous staff, really impressed, cant recommend them enough.
  8. Been to Duxford many times, did Gunpowder mills this year, cannot recommend it enough, fantastic show.
  9. What a great weekend !, NLBA hospitality with free BBQ and breakfast superb as usual, some very interesting kit, armour was great but the huge Caterpillar was unreal. Looking forward to next year already
  10. Come and say hello ,we will be with the Berliet wrecker.
  11. Looking forward to this event, shame it clashes with Duxford but then Ive seen Duxford many times before, this show is a new one and the plan is to build it up over the next few years as a major annual event, our club is running and marshalling the show so just turn up, no need to book in, all welcome.
  12. The only insurer for under 21 s is Footman James but be ready to get the sales person to check as they always say no. I have insured my 19 year old son on 3 trucks and it cost just under £800. I checked with the DVLA and you have to be 18 to drive a truck under the pre 1960 rule, I have this in writing to show the Police if he gets pulled up.
  13. Suggest you give the thread another title such as "Photos of Mario at Beltring" as it is hard to find.
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