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  1. Good news today. A combination of hitting the starter with a BFH, moving the shifter Around and installing new batteries did the trick. She started right up and ran well. I am still going to make a pack lifting device for the inevitable issues to come. Luckily there is one within 100 miles of me that along with the plans found on the forum I should be able to make one. Thanks to everyone for their assistance
  2. Do you have the specs or how to make the special too you made? Maybe a picture or two. I’m working on getting or making a pack lifting frame . I have a military crane truck which should handle the job . thank you for the reply
  3. Thank you for replies. And merry Christmas
  4. Old thread but I think I’m having the same issue. When I attempt to start there is a click and the dash lights dim a bit. Thought maybe the batteries were low so I attached the NATO slave cable from another vehicle but got the same result. The vehicle has been sitting for maybe a year.
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