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  1. Last week my two ex Royal Artillery Land Rovers did a cheeky little 1000 mile road trip from Cambridge to their new home in Prague. I thought I should share a couple of pictures. It was not an uneventful trip but both wagons made it the full distance under their own steam. You can do it in a Land Rover The runners and riders. 43GF59, 1975 1/2 ton FFR ex 100 Regt RA(V) driven by my chum Gary, an American ex-GI who has never before driven on the left side of the car or the right side of the road. 61KB78, 1983 109' FFR ex RSA Larkhill with a very believable 27k on the clock, driven by your c
  2. I have just acquired 61KB78 which is a 1983 vintage FFR 109. The B card tells me that it had a pampered life with the Equipment Officer at the Royal School of Artillery at Larkhill. To this day it still only has 27k miles on the clock. I notice that it comes with the taller '1 ton' spring shackles and a lack of sill panels. Is this 'as issued' or has it been played with?
  3. This is the object of my desires. As you can see it is a bit of a doer-upper, though my grandfather-in-law, who used to work on them in the MT section of the Czechoslovak Army, tells me they are very easy to work on and the engine goes forever. I guess it is a standard box body of the period. The chassis is dated 1956 whereas the box is dated 1973. Most of the innards are still there although the chap who showed me round said that it used to have even the tools in the draws, an anvil and a forge, which have seemingly been recently liberated. If you like seeing Pragas come to
  4. Hi, I'm Hugo, a British expat in Prague, Czech Rep. I've got a 1970 Series 2a and 1975 Series 3 Lightweight (54GF42) Land Rover. I'm currently also contemplating the financial, spacial and marital issues surrounding the idea of rescuing a Praga V3S mobile tank repair metalwork shop which is currently languishing in a disposals yard just outside Prague. I got the Lightweight a year ago. One or more previous owners had done a fair amount of, sometimes less than beautiful work, converting it into a trialer. Most significant of which is a Rover 3.9 V8 conversion. I'm now in the process of undoi
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