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  1. Thanks Ron, I've spoken to John, he sounds ideal, just the man I need. Peter
  2. I am overhauling the forks of my 3HW and discovered it has no eccentric bolt or sleeves in the steering head. Can any one help with dimensions so I can make the parts please? Or a source to buy from? Also a source for the bushes. I can make these from bronze bar but would purchase if I could find a source.
  3. I am a vintage motorcycle enthusiast owning a couple of Triumphs - a 1928 Model NSD and a 1944 3HW. The 3HW is very like the 3SW my father went to war on in 1940. He was in Royal Signals 88DR. Dad left his Triumph in Dunkirk and I haven't been able to find it so I bought the 3HW which looks pretty similar. I need friction discs for my 3HW so I had a batch made. I have a few spares at £15 each including postage. 07922 140908
  4. Thanks Ron. Mine is in the same place but I never would have found it under the paint. My bike was sold as army surplus and 'civilianised' with a coat of black paint. Many thanks for your help. Peter
  5. Ron I have a 3SW from contract S5340 and I was interested in your information about the build date - TEC.... I have looked under my saddle but cannot find this. I guess I might have to scrape off some paint but could you give more information on the location please? Somewhere on the down-tube perhaps? Thanks, Peter
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