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  1. well, I couldn't find the exact discussion you was referring to, but I found BlueBelle's mention of the Barbary Dhow ...and that led to some Google searching...and eventually to an auction site that was selling an old Tripoli District patch...and to more information on the Tripoli Formation flash...which led to more searches for related terms...and eventually to a large image of the Tripoli patch and all the pertinent info I needed! lol Now I am off to finalize my second Saladin kit and get it into the shop before Xmas!
  2. okay...I sorted it out. I have all I need regarding the Barbary Dhow flash based on the Tripolitania District badge. Found some clear artwork, in colour, so I can recreate an acceptable fascimile to use on my model.
  3. haha I knew I had seen this patch somewhere! Member "Blue Belle" has it has their avatar!! I will go through the "Research" thread and try to find the discussion. But I'll also contact Blue Belle about the avatar. Thanks.
  4. Follow up to this thread...the Saladin has travelled quite a bit and been displayed at a number of model events with great feedback. I recently did some touch ups...to freshen up the colour... and I tried a new clearcoat spray that leaves a semi-gloss sheen. I really like the results, and I wish I had tried this earlier. In fact, I am going to apply the same touch-ups and clearcoat to my big Centurion model. Anyway, I am finally finishing up the Desert Stone/Sand version of this kit. And I have settled on a particular solid colour Saladin from 1960. This Saladin of 2nd R
  5. not mine, its freshly cleaned and painted
  6. would you -add- rust to your own vehicle?
  7. See what you can do with some paper and string?! Very small parts...a pain to assemble! but the end result is pretty good. Next task is to try them on the model itself. Waiting for some materials to finish making the surface connectors.
  8. Heres another question...maybe someone has one of these Hooks or a clearer photo? I'm adding some basic parts to my kit, so builders can create the Tow Cables for the front of the Saladin. Just like I did in my Centurion kit, I've created simplified paper Eyelets and Cable Wraps. Once combined with some twisted Cord (2mm string, rope), a simulated Tow Cable can be put together. Anyway, I notice on the original Saladins, the Cables are hung on the front Brackets using a Hook of some design. In all restorations, they use a D Shackle to store the Cables, but not on the original vehicle
  9. Wow I could have used those images. Although I collected plenty of stuff from the web. I saw a User Handbook for sale on ebay...almost bought it...but I was nearing completion of the model at that time, so I didn't bother. Maybe next time I see one, I'll grab it if the price is right. I've sorted out the colour...already created my weathered look and test coloured one part of the model. Its gonna take me months before I get the first kit completed for the shop and recolour everything for the second kit. I won't be worrying about any markings until I'm done, so I am sort of jumping
  10. I understood that the Flag might not be an actual "in service" marking, but some modellers might also build a Saladin in "civilian" duty. Looking like a restored or display vehicle. A "street custom" you might say. When I put out my PT boat model (American Elco 80ft Torpedo Boat) I focused on two basic designs and released two kits. The way it looked when it came from the Elco factory (Two Tone Gray) and how it looked after the US Navy put it into service (painted solid Green). *Some Boats got painted a slightly different colour green, some got various camouflage patterns, and some
  11. On the topic of Tan/Sand/Beige coloured Saladins... I've found many vintage photos of solid colour Saladins in middle eastern countries. I also see some done in a camouflage paint. I'm thinking of redoing and also releasing the model in sand colour...or whatever colour that is... the colour seems to vary quite a bit on restorations... but I can't decide whether to do a solid colour or sand/camo version? The solid colour is the easiest to tackle (in a paper model). Because unlike a plastic kit, I have to install the final paint scheme and artwork. And that means I have to line
  12. A circle...of course. I was already aware of the a/b/c squadron markings. Not sure why I didn't see that. Why would I create a fictional Unit? I already showed what markings I will include in the kit. The basic stuff thats in every Saladin photo. I actually looked at some previously done Scale Models, to see what modellers had done with their Saladin kits, and the markings I am providing will satisfy most modellers, I'm sure. Also keeping in mind, that there are many things a modeller can add or omit on their own. Thats usually what happens with modellers. This is partly wh
  13. Unfortunately I still have no idea what insignia we are referring to (I can see three on that Saladin in that photo) or what any of them actually looked like (re that photo). Although, the front fender flash is probably understood at this point. So I assume we are talking about the one on the right (of the two on the turret)? Since the one on the left looks like it is another Rose. I found a website: http://sharpshooters.org.uk/Home/ServingRegiments but I don't see anything that matches. And modern/current insignia is of no help anyway. My only hope is to find original photos
  14. Thanks Wally. I agree...it would appear to be some form of white Yorkshire Rose on a blue background (in that Flash). But exactly what does it look like? Without seeing the actual decal, I can't be sure of the artwork, the colours, the overall design. And I am a stickler for reproducing things on my models as they were in real life. Or as closely as I can create them. No, I don`t always get it right...but at least I put in a good try I know its a small and possibly insignificant thing to most, but someone out there will appreciate the effort. As an artist, graphic designer, I
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