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  1. David, good luck with the RL restoration, have a read through the 'Bedford RL.....376 ALC' thread under 'Emergency Services', there's a couple of useful RL contacts who maybe able to help.
  2. Hi Brian, I don't wish to hijack the thread, but I'm restoring a Land Rover 127 Rapier, the restoration thread is on EMLRA https://forum.emlra.org/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=14673 You may need to create a login and password to access. I'm looking for the racking system that fits in the back (probably the first thing that was removed when they were demobbed). It's a long shot but if anyone following this thread has any leads on where I might find the racking, please get in touch. Shaun
  3. Tomo, great to see you've found some project time to work on the J Type.....we can't have those Gosling boys stealing all the limelight! 😉 Keep up the great work.
  4. Great ingenuity, prolific vlogger's....a great tonic when I get back from work and a welcome escape from the 'B' word. I wish them all the best
  5. Well done Tomo, always thought you were officer material.
  6. I don't want to hijack the thread, like 10 68 I well remember running BFT's through Rowcroft. The Eurotunnel track runs through where the gates used to be that connected the 2x barracks....you can't stand in the way of progress unless you want to be hit by a train!
  7. I look forward, with excited anticipation to the Thornycroft updates, and now that’s coming to a successful completion I would like to thank ‘Team Gosling’ for their tireless dedication and the many hours spent in the shed, and would like to wish you every success with the Peerless restorations. Never let it be said that Team Gosling allow the grass to grow under their feet!
  8. Hey Tomo, great to see the project is moving along. Shout if I can be of any further assistance. Shaun
  9. Hi Colin, I've not imported vehicles from Norway, but I have from the US, and would have thought the process is much the same. When you import your vehicle you will need to notify HMRC and pay any duties (usually a percentage of the fully 'landed' cost i.e. purchase price, transit insurance, and shipping). If you're transporting the Dodge yourself then it may only be the purchase price. Once the duty has been paid HMRC will issue a 'NOVA', you then need to get the Dodge MoT'd and send off the NOVA and MoT to the DVLA who will provide an age related registration and the V5. Until then
  10. Very jealous, looks all together, great find...where did you find it and what are your plans?
  11. Good spot, there's also lots 619 & 620. Why are they going through Brightwells, I thought all MOD disposals went through Withams?
  12. I'm late to the party on this but thought I would share my views having attended W&P for the first time this year. Like LarryH57 I got there before 8.00 and echo his experience, the security guy was friendly enough but the booking in was a shambles. I know of one MV that broke down in the lanes, no doubt caused in part by the constant stop/start in the searing heat. Once I was in I was totally awe struck by the sheer size of it. I was only there for two days and didn't know where to start. As well as the usual WWII reenactors, there were the US Navy Seal's (pity those guys in full bod
  13. I recognise that Challenger 1, on tour at W&P 2018. Great looking Snatch, kee p the photos coming. 😉
  14. Jon, don't lose faith in the forum members. The speed and quality of your Morris restoration is very impressive, keep up the good work.
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