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  1. Hi Will try to get some pics soon mate.Would love to see any chevy pics that anybody has available as you can never have too much reference material hey!! Daren
  2. Count me in Jack,at least there will be someone to tow me back to the boat!!!! Jamie I think my girlfriend is looking forward to something similar!!!!!!!!
  3. Hi all, Matt-will be in touch about chevy parts mate as soon as I know what I need.It is a No13 cab long wheel base (137inch I think) 4x4,but it's parentage is a bit sketchy!! Rumour is it had a dentists body on the back that has long since disappeared and this could be varified by the fact it Has a hardtop cab but no roof hatch. This would appear correct from the few pictures I can find trawling the net.What's not clear is why it's here as the other rumour is it came here with British forces after liberation,but why would they bring a dentists truck? It was supposedly used later for hauli
  4. Hello All, Discovered your forum yesterday and think it's great.Brilliant format.So thought I should contribute. My name is Daren,I'm 35years old and live in Jersey.I've been into military vehicles all my life but it has only been within the last few years I've bought a few! I restore classic and vintage cars for a living which are another passion of mine.I also had the oportunity to work at the Tank Museum at Bovington for 18months whilst living in Dorset.Talk about a kid in a sweet shop!!!! I have almost finished the restoration of a 101Fc that my long-suffering girlfriend and I
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