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  1. Here are a couple of quick ones taken with my phone today.If the badge looks to be correct I will take better pics with a ruler for scale and a direct tracing.They look a little too freehand to me.It is apparently genuine force 135 from Guernsey.As far as it being "her" I'm not sure.How do you sex a motorbike?!!! It is also for sale!!! Let me know if you need more. Regards Daren
  2. We have an M20 in at work that is marked up as a force 135 bike.I can photograph and trace these markins for you if you like mate?A decal may not stick flat to as acute a compound curve of a bike tank.Let me know if this is of use. Regards Daren
  3. Think it must have gone then.Definately saw it last week so we can't all be going gaga.Well,no worse than usual!!!!!! Daren
  4. Hi Neil, The 6x6 Chevy or Ford are very rare in this neck of the woods.Most seem to be in Australia or US.That one looks in good condition too.I didn't actually think they actually were 6x6 but 6x4,but not sure.It seems a good price considering you would pay that price for a good 4 wheel CMP.The places to find more info are http://www.oldcmp.net.Takes a bit of trawling through,but I remember there used to be 6x6 info there.Also http://www.mapleleafup.org/forums.Couldn't find the ad this morning so don't know if it's gone already.Would love to come and see it if you buy it.I love those No.13 cabs and have a Chevy C30 for restoration myself. Regards Daren
  5. Yeh normally,but like I say am away at the moment. Daren
  6. Hi All, Thanks for all your replies so far.The idea they are civvy makes more sense.I am away in Bonny Scotland for two weeks and so can't go online every day,hence my lack of communication.I may have just scored me a rack from a 90 on Jersey Insight ads which would give the look I am thinking of I hope.Will let you know.Still post pics if you can find them. Regards Daren
  7. Hi All, I wonder if anyone can supply me with good photos and/or diagrams for military roofracks fitted to 110's?I have seen some really nice basket style ones fitted to REME vehicles I think and would like to make a copy of one for my 110,but don't seem to have had the good sense to photograph them!!!!I have also seen 3/4length boxbar types also. Any help is much appreciated Daren
  8. I will start cyphoning money out the joint account now!!!I have just spend the most amazing hour of my life passing over the landing beaches of Normandy in a DC3 and really can't believe I will never be able to do it again.RIP DC3 Daren
  9. Hi Rick, It's called bonnet tape and is available in many different widths.We use it a lot in classic and vintage car restoration.If Jim can't help you then try Paul Beck Vintage Supplies or Woolies they both stock it.It isn't expensive Daren
  10. Hi Tony Yeh,the infra red relay is apparently a common fault,although from what I can gather it normally causes the lights to fail completely.I think it's the one that you can normally hear clicking when you turn the ignition on.The light switches themselves can also cause hassle as they are prone to corrode if the windscreen leaks.I had to replace mine.I also fitted a new fuse box for the same reason.After much hunting I bought one on ebay only to find later they are much cheaper through the 101 club!!! Mine has packed up again tonight as I was desparately trying to put miles on it before Beltring! I now think it is dirty fuel from when I topped up the tank from a jerry can when I was at Overlord.Stripped the glass filter and the paper sediment one tonight and bothe full of silt even though I put a new paper eliment in only two weeks ago!!! Everything else is new!!!! It's also decided to develope a water leak!!! Happy days Daren
  11. Tony Don't quote me on this but I don't think the ignition side should be fused.And no connection to the headlight side of things for sure.Ambi is different though as 24v isn't it?Electrics are one of those jobs I love to do,but struggle with.That's why I found it easier to pull it out and then refit it methodically.Went to look at a 101 Ambi over hear tonight.Don't really need another vehicle though.Bit shabby,but all there and very cheap!!!Still on English plates though so would have to go through DVS. Daren
  12. Alraaaat you aye?!!!Yeh,I think Richard would like to do another show.I missed the last one as I was in the UK at the time,but heard it was good.Loads of pics on the Jersey Military Vehicle Club website. Denis is fine.Haven't seen him for a while,but will send regards.What is your surname Tony!!!!My Chevy C30 is supposedly ex Force135.Have been to the archive and done some research,but not 100% sure yet!! I really wouldn't have thought Jersey politics would be very high on my "thing I miss about Jersey" list!Who are the rasberries for?Dish it!!! Abento Daren
  13. I ended up pulling the whole of the front loom out of mine,pinning it to a board and carefully checking every wire and splicing in new bits or soldering on new terminals where needed.It's not as scary once it's on the workshop floor!! To help I printed off and laminated a copy of the coloured and labelled wiring diagram from the files section of the Yahoo 101 group which was a great help.However carefully I refitted it it still looks like an Italian dish but I haven't had any problems since. Daren
  14. If you boys sort a bunkering mission count me in! I have lived in Jersey for 17 wonderful years and used to go when I first moved here.Been a long time.I am a vintage and classic car restorer by trade (just to move back on topic!!!) Daren
  15. Hi All My first time at War And Peace too and I've been really excited about it for months now! The wife is fed up with hearing the name! I am just starting to panick a bit now though about finding a space.I didn't realise so many of you sorted it so early!!! We arrive by boat into Portsmouth early on Wednesday morning of 18th and will drive straight there.Will we be able to find room?!!!! Any of you organised guys got space for a 101,small awning and four idiots?! We are quite socially acceptable even though there are two hippies in the group!! We start drinking so early in the morning that we do tend to pass out early in the evening!! Not sure if you would want your children too near us though!!! Hoping to put some faces to some names while we are there too. Daren
  16. Hi Rick Have PM'd you my friends details,I don't know the Czech guy's details direct.I saw Cristin today and he is expecting to hear from you.His is almost ready for paint. Hope this is of help Regards Daren
  17. Taken a while to reply I know but a friend of mine went through all the research you have regards Kooblecar etc and then found an amazing guy in the Czech Republic.All steel and such good repro panels can be used to restore original Kubels.Can PM photos and also my friends email address as he is more than happy to share his information with you.Bumped into him yesterday and rembered at last to ask him!!!I must confess he ended up buying a real one and having this guy restore it.Progressing nicely by all accounts. Let me know if you are still interested Daren
  18. Cheers Degsy,thats good to hear mate.
  19. Hi Rob I run my ex army 110 on Colway mud terrains now after going through a similar thought process to yourself a few months ago.I wanted a more original military tyre originaly,but was advised against it so looked at civvy stuff.My heart wasn't in all terrains as I wanted an agressive look still so posted a question on the UK Land Rover forum.Almost caused a riot as they all disagreed with each other but mud terrains won in the end.Only downsides were wet weather grip on tarmac (yet to be experienced!!) and noise levels!!!! Yes,they wail at anything above 35mph.Lovely!!!! I must confess to going with 16x7 8spoke wheels to go wider too although Colway will do a size to suit standard width wheels.Also I do live on an island with a 40mph speed limit if that makes any difference. I really do think tyres are a very personal choice.Some people are prepared to put up with different characteristics than others.I may feel differently about mine when it rains!!!! One other great characteristic of the Colways was price!! Around £50 each!! Good luck with yoru hunt Daren Daren
  20. I do keep a regular eye on both these sites and they are a mine of information.The MLU forum is like you say full of enthusiasts from all over the world.They put a lot of time and effort into research for spares etc.I will register my truck on the Canadian Register today if I get the chance.Did I miss loads of great CMP parts at Beltring?!!!!Biggest chunks missing (besides a body!!) are the engine cover and the brush guard I think. Daren
  21. Hi Matt, Yeh,that was October of last year!!! Got to the point at times where I thought I was going to have to let it go as struggled to find somewhere to keep it.Outside isn't ideal I know as it has been dry stored for 20years but at least it's in my possession now.Do you still have that manual mate? Built date on the plate is October 13 1943 and gives the manual needed as MB-C2-W.Is this the one you have? Do you have any ideas of how to trace any history of it from all the info on the data plates?Will post some more pics in a minute. Did you get your Cletrac home eventually? Post some pics if you have some Daren
  22. Hi All Have just had one of those wonderful days dragging new project out of the shed it has spent the last twenty years in! The new love of my life is a 1943 Chevy that I have just added pictures of in my gallery.23000 genuine miles from new "needs small amount of work for MOT"!!! Unfortunately circumstances dictate she gets tarped up outside for a while before I can get to work.At least it is safe now! Will add more photos when I can Daren
  23. I'm in!!!! Thanks very much for all hard work,love the new look. Daren
  24. Thanks very much for your advice,it is much appreciated.Basically the vehicle I have in mind is in Jersey in a very delapidated state but free to a good home or it's heading for the dump!!Here is a pic I actually got shot of my rose tinted spectacles a few years ago a realise it is in need of a great deal of work,but I hate to see it thrown away.The guy says it runs and has today agreed to let me spend a weekend there fiddling and check it over more closely baring in mind the information you have given me.The other major consideration is the fact that it is road registered in Jersey which is a big deal over here believe me!!I also must admit I would prefer a standard hull as opposed to the ACP.Any ideas which model/year it is.I managed to find those articles you mention Andy even though we are in the middle of moving house and can't find any pics of one exactly like this.It has wooden duck boards on the roof and really nicely opening windows in the drivers side vision slots.Also the roof hatch is plated over so no commanders position.Also strange vents on r/h side of hull just visible in this pic don't appear on any pics in the articles Will post more pics Daren
  25. I wonder if any of you gents have any experience and advice on buying/owning/restoring/maintaining Saracens? Is there any particular problems one should be aware of? Any very expensive bits I should check for? Are there unobtainable bits I need to look at? Are spares generally available? Absolutely any advice would be welcome although the "don't touch it with a barge pole" type of thing will probably fall on deaf ears!!!!!! Daren
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