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  1. Hi All Despite my best efforts over the last few months to finish the WC63 restoration/blag a halftrack/finish my James ML/blag other motorcyles from work we have ended up with no appropriate transport for A and E (sorry Jack!). We are determined to attend even though now it looks like the boats are so busy there isn't even room for our van so Ford369 is going to pick us up from Weymouth on Friday. We wondered if there was someone with some space in a vehicle we could hitch along on Saturday! We are house-trained and will be bringing appropriate clothing and copious amounts of duty free lage
  2. Hi There's me (Daren) + 1 (Fil) arriving Friday come hell or high water to join Ford369's group and can we also settle up with you Friday evening? Getting excited now!!!!!!!!!!!! Regards Daren
  3. I too have struggled to give Dirk any of my cash!!! The first year I went to Beltring I asked him for manual MB-C2 for my C30, he said he had one back at home and best to email him. I then emailed him every year(4!!!!) a few weeks before Beltring to bring it with him and he never replied and then when I saw him there he said he didn't remember!!! I've given up now and bought a cheap copy of MB-C1 which aparently is close enough!!! Don't get me wrong he is a nice enough guy and the repro bits I have had from him such as dash jewel and dash switch plates are lovely,but unless he has it there in
  4. Just James parts really mate as like you say I've sold everything else!!! Away this weekend so will phone you next week. Daren
  5. How can you without knowing my shopping list yet Nigel?!!!!!!!!!! Regards Daren
  6. Yeh, good point well made!! And a James Jack. It will quite possibly be the smallest vehicle there because if it ain't finished it will be going in boxes!!!!! Regards Daren
  7. Hi Jack Can I book in a WC63 and a Command Car in for the event? There is a very slim possibility we may substitute the 63 with a halftrack if we can pluck up the courage/pay the fuel bill, but at the moment the 63 is a safer bet!!!!!!!!!!!! Regards Daren
  8. Hi All Anyone know of any Nubian Major 6x6 MK9's for sale? A friend of mine would love to buy one as his Dad used to operate one here at Jersey Airport. Or anyone have information of the one originally from here? It apparently left Jersey in the 80's, but noone knows where it ended up. Regards Daren
  9. Hi Nigel, Yeh,it has been a while since I rode the Ducati so it might be a good way of breaking me in gently!!! As far as ready for November you haven't seen it yet have you?!!! Would like to get the engine done so it was possible to ride it round a field by Weymouth next year although I do have another few jobs to do as well!!!!!!! See you soon Daren
  10. Hi All Thank you very much for all your help and advice about the bike.I did buy it in the end and pick it up tomorrow.I think it will be a great little project.When I went back to look at it it does look as if the frame number has been added to at some time!!! The ML 102 part is all on a level with very even spacing in between, the 03 at the end is lower and squashed up together.It's hard to tell until I take the paint off, but the two 0s seem to be a different typeset!! It will be easier to have a good poke around with it when it is back here and I will post some pics when I can. T
  11. Thank you both for all your help and replies so far.I'm beginning to think I should have it anyway and restore it as a military spec bike.It is a sweet little thing and ideal for chucking in the back of the truck to take to shows.I will try and get hold of a copy of that book.It would be nice to have a definitive answer to the frame number anyway.It comes with no registration document anyway and needs to be registered and I would like to be able to give it a legitimate date of birth!!!I am going to go and take a closer look now I am armed with more info!! Daren
  12. Hi Stefano, Yeh,that all helps thank you.I'm not really sure what to do on this one.It has been far too militarized to be returned to civvy bike already and to be honest with you a civvy one wouldn't interest me anyway.I'm not sure if I want a "pretend" military one either though.I know 99% of people would never know by the time I have finished,but would I be wasting my time?It is VERY cheap though!!!!Is my military motorcycle guru ford369 back from Normandy yet??!!!! Daren
  13. Hi All I am looking for some James ML advice!I have been viewing a bike a couple of times now and although complete it does require total restoration.One thing I am unsure of is the frame number,it is ML10203?Does this make it a postwar civvy frame or is it still military?Engine number is OK.I see from Stefanos posts there could be a contract plate,if so where would this be?It needs an engine rebuild as the kickstart splines are worn and it won't hold oil so needs bushes but I'm led to believe engine parts are available?The whole bike needs detailing as things like footpegs and handlebars a
  14. Hi There, The gentleman you need to contact has the user name of 6 x 6 on here.Just check in the community section.He is very helpful. Hope this helps Daren
  15. That's the one gents,thank you.On ebay very cheap!!!I managed to upload video of DR 65/65 convoy onto photobucket and then it totally disappeared!!!!!Will try youtube next I guess.That will be the rest of the day gone then!!!!!!! Daren
  16. Hi Nigel, Don't suppose you know the name of the motorcycle video that was being played in the bar on Saturday night at Etreham do you?Greg would like to find a copy. I am desparately trying to upload the video of you guys to photobucket,definately operator error this time!!!! Regards Daren
  17. Will give that a go over the weekend then. Regards Daren
  18. Fair point mate,must have been the feckin Irish then!!!I have one in storage in the UK until the owner sees the error of his ways and has to sell it to buy feed for the hoss!!!!!!!!!!! Can't seem to post video and for a change through no lack of technical ability on my part,but HMVFTV is no more!! Regards Daren
  19. Amen to that mate!!!!I still feel rough today!!!I think you were as much to blame for that as the Irish by the way!!I assume you made the boat OK?We got proper peed on on the way back to St Malo yesterday afternoon,not nice.I will try (yeh right!!!) to post the video I took of you all leaving Longues Saturday afternoon.Definately an impressive sight and sound!!!! I want one now you buggers!!!Anyone got CHEAP unrestored Brit iron for sale to go with my Matchless!!!
  20. Hi All, Quick question,on the WC series Dodges should there be some kind of wing piping between the front wings and the inner wings?Specifically on a WC58 where there is definately a piping on the rear wings although what is there now is not original,but have found fabric traces behind the front wings just not sure if it would have a full piping or just a strip of fabric as an interface.If so what material? Regards Daren
  21. Hi David Can I please add another 3 bodies to my list if that's OK? Regards Daren
  22. Had the same problem with my ex army defender!!When I bought it it had a home made canvas truckcab that I didn't like but never let in a drop of water.I fitted a full hardtop,new seals everywhere and now it leaks everywhere.Not too much of a problem at the moment because it's so cold the puddles in the footwells are frozen so you don't get wet feet!!!!Everyone I talked to about this came up with the same answer,they all do!!!!! Daren
  23. Hi Dave Could you put me down for 4 definates for now and may grow,but will start pestering them for commitments!!!!We will also have a veggie but he will fend for himself.You will recognize him because he will be the palefaced scrawny one eating grass and weeds and having to pump himself full of vitamin pills every morning to make up for all the nutrients his body isn't getting from animal parts!!!! Regards Daren
  24. Hi Clive, Richards right a steam cleaner will shift it,but you do need the heat of a steam cleaner not just pressure.I've just had to do this to the tank of a car we are restoring at work!!!We have an industrial steam cleaner at work though.The only problem I had was access in the tank to make sure you get it all out.Maybe worth trying to find someone local to you with a steam cleaner you could beg/steal/borrow! Daren
  25. Hi Tony Do you have room for two more?Both my Landies 101FC reg J76793 and 110 reg J56153.Not sure how many bodies yet,two for sure(!!!!)maybe four.Will comfirm as soon as they let me know. Regards Daren
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