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  1. Hi Iain, Many thanks indeed for your reply. From what you say it is definitely a possibility. The mating of the gearbox to the transfer box is a simple way forward. If the 1st gear is too high, did you try it in low ratio? I will start looking for an engine and gearbox. The volvo D24t is 6 cyl, so a 4 or 5 cylinder might be an option. Again many thanks, James
  2. Advice is required from anyone who has converted a V8 Simca SUMB to Diesel. I have a V8 Petrol version and need to change to a diesel engine, however the choice of engine is critical. Does anybody have any knowledge of this conversion? The vehicle has been used for the last 15 years every week in the winter but does under 1000 miles per year. I fear that the engine has been run on unleaded petrol for the duration and is now complaining by not being able to get it running. Carb has been rebuilt, new condenser, new spark plugs, points overhauled, coil replaced, gravity fuel tank installed as fuel pump diaphram knackered. Final straw is that the starter motor is on a go slow! In advance, many thanks.
  3. 1961 Marmon SUMB used as transport on a shoot. Used every week during the shooting season, winter time, for the last 15 years. Needs a fuel pump.
  4. I wish I had a diesel SUMB, have been running a V8 for about 12 years as a transport on a shoot! It is now giving us grief as I need to replace the HT leads, Sparkplugs but can't find a source in UK. France seems expensive. Does any body know where I might source some? RR Services have moved and say they have not got any Marmon parts. In anticipation, many thanks.
  5. Glad to be a member. Great site. Thanks
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