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  1. ?... I think mowag is swiss.....with dodge engine ?
  2. welcome rene !......post som pictures of your jeep !
  3. and uk greenwich is in SOUTH LONDON....NOT EAST !.......LOL
  4. not nice...tires not rite...freewheel hubs..bits missing..far better to go milweb..more choice and mostly cheaper than this one
  5. yea, sadly a fantasy model, books show only ford, Chevrolet , and Plymouth 4 doors issued... did they expect a general to wait while you tipped the seat forward?.... I don't think so !.....LOL
  6. what about the aerial and BRACKET ? its olive drab, SURELY that's correct ? LOL
  7. NORDIAN... great company ...had a few great days out down there !
  8. any special reason for getting a Hotchkiss and not a ww2 jeep ?
  9. looks like it might be a tippel ?
  10. marinus veldhuisin, bob coult, mick dent chris sales e j reynokds jill poole roland poole all from the 70s !!!
  11. a nice show of respect, very well done
  12. wwelcome, jeep looks fine , luvin your mustard !! > sorry, british humor !!!! <
  13. welcome to the forum ! from another munga owner !!!! f91/ 4
  14. BOOKS ARE GREAT ! but no substitute for the real thing ! join a local military club mvt etc so you can meet jeep owners and see the jeeps, or check if any FORUM JEEP OWNERS LIVE IN YOUR AREA, turning up in a jeep always make the seller a bit more HONEST !! LOL
  15. l know where theres one , and ive got it! we are in london so with yours and austro s thats 3 we know of for sure !!!
  16. bobby looks a cool cat ! his semi make the dodge look small !!
  17. VERY NICE ! what does the white sign say ? and can you post a closeup of the spotlamp? no NL on the sidepanel, is there a reason ?
  18. hi i need original aerial bracket, NOT THE US one and the front guard that goes across from wing to wing ? pm me if you have anything ?
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