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  1. Hello David "1",


    As a humble Lance corporal I would be most thankful for all gifts bestowed!


    I have a DPM Brassard with "MP" and a "square lancejack" patchs, standard stripe for wooly pullover, but nothing for my shirt so if its spare give me a price?


    Unforunatley I am doing the money thing next weekend but I will be coming 2nd Sunday in sept, so I look forward to meeting you then.


    Kind regards


    David "2"

  2. hi david

    roger has said that you were after a set of tapes and if you dont mind being a lancejack (one tape) i have a army brassard with single tape on it for no2 shirt sleve order that you could use

    also if free next weekend military mayhem in kent i will be there

    let me know either way


  3. Hi, You could well be right, it the "Pink" I wonder about?
  4. Their tough these RAF Types! And I thought Jumping with a parachute was dangerous:sweat:Having a B****y great Harley Davidson realy puts it into context. Curiosity gets the better of me, why did Air Traffic Controllers need motorcycles? (apart from the sheer fun of it). Also did they have panniers and gun box as per Army?
  5. Hi, Could this be "Desert" pink? Or perhaps it was issued to "THEM"!:shake: RLC Museum records are a bit basic, there is a private guy, trades as FMW and does a very comprehensive research job for £30. Did mine for me in about 10 days, his contact details: FMW PO Box 6817 Bridport DT6 9BG. e-mail: freemil@btinternet.com Answers to Geoff Fletcher. (I have no conection to FMW other than as a satisfied customer). Good luck with the search, I think its half the fun of owning an ex-military vehicle!:-D MTMan
  6. Howdedo Roger, Thanks for the info. Son in laws Birthday! Having a "Happy Family Gathering" Sunday! BUT if I read it right this is a MONTHLY event!? Please confirm so I can ENSURE my availability SEPTEMBER!:-D:) Please confirm "Order of Dress". Kindest regards David.
  7. Hello, RMP used Sterling SMG, also Browning 9mm pistol and depending on location/duty SLR. So if this was RMP Landrover? possible! MTMan
  8. Has anyone experience of the MT (500 or 350) in use in combat? When purchased mine had sand in the hollow parts of the frame and "Sand" paint on bits the repaint had missed. It carried 58 KG 60 and was used by 174 PRO Coy RMP. 58 KG 78 was used by 8 SQN (27 Transport Regiment RCT/RLC) and lived a much quieter life. Any information appreciated.
  9. Hi, According to JSP336, vol12 part3 Pam4. A "Jacket, Motor cyclist" and "Trousers Motorcyclist" is still on issue. Jkt: "1 Each Motor cycle on establishment and 10% of motor cycles on establishment for riders. Manditory for road work." Trs: "As for Jacket motorcyclist" There are also two Helmets, one olive drab and one white full face with visor. Pleased to say my collection holds a wax jacket and one of each helmet. Starting the MT500 can be a pig! however after months of jet swaping (and loads of money!:cry:) mine goes first time and ticks over like a watch. I take it the SMG mags were carried in the left ammo pouch in place of the SLR mags. was the rest of the webbing contents as the standard Infantry packing list or were items distributed elsewhere?
  10. Silly question! were the SMG's worn slung or secured to pannier/rack? Thanks for the information so far. Kind regards
  11. Hello, Anyone got any sugestions of the personal weapon/s issued to RCT/RLC motorcyclists, prior to the change to the MT350 with its SA80 gun box? So Can-Am or Armstrong MT500 riders. Since I am picking brains, what webbing was "WORN" when riding? I am aware of the overlap 58 Pattern/PLCE but cant seem to find pictures of anyone wearing any. Thnks hopefully.
  12. Hello, Only Just found the site but looks right for me. Started my real interest many years ago but life got in the way! My daily ride is an Armstrong MT500, easy to start, ticks over like a watch! my interest is in all things military, particularly the unfashonable period of the 80s - 2000. Kind regards
  13. Hello Roger,


    I hope I have the right one!


    MTMan here! (David etc!)


    I have been checking c20 site but it seems to have gorn!


    You have my e-mail so if you wish to contact me then feel free!


    Kind regards



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