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  1. These dc shunt wound motors are an older tech that i dont really know much about. Can i treat it like a 12v alternator when measuring but expect to see 24v+outputs instead? or do i need to measure it any special way? Is the regulator built into the generator is is it a separate external unit? Im not near the simca at the moment so i cant really check
  2. Thanks really appreciate that i can trace the fault now fingers crossed its not the generator
  3. Hi thanks for all the advice and photos. Carb is now rebuilt and all plugs and leads were re gapped and cleaned of any corrosion. It has never run better. My fuel tank is currently off and awaiting repair. I have a short way to go to get it road worthy. Clutch master cylinder is leaking (i have the seal) Fit new heater switch (i also have one) Fix main beam floor switch Fix charging system. Find new front screen glass or entire panel as mine is rotten and glass broken Does anyone have a picture of the battery setup in the middle of the front seats? Mine seems pretty small t
  4. Got a carb coming form France. Cheers for the link all turned out well
  5. I found loads of stuff on Leboncoin fingers crossed someone will reply. Thanks for the link
  6. Well i found a few forums that show my base plate (throttle bods) is off of a 356 porsche 911 i dont know if there is any way of telling if the car is correct for a simca in terms of jets and venturi size.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I think your right it should hold idle screws. Also mine seem to go straight out where as the ons on the pictures are fitted at an angle. I wonder if its got a different base plate of another vehicle. Does anyone have any idle adjustment screws lying about? or a spare baseplate i can buy with screws included. Ill have a look on ebay but they are usually quite expensive
  8. Are the manuals on that website in french? I have the PDF docs that have been scanned by someone but they are in french as well.
  9. Hi guys ive nearly finished rebuilding my carb. In the picture below could someone tell me what the two (one is missing) valves/nipples are at the bottom. Both of mine are constantly open so loads of air is getting sucked in. Are they supposed to be blocked off or have something attached? Also i havent a clue how to set this carb up. Am i supposed to set the float bowl level first? and how do i adjust. Sorry not a clue with this carb
  10. Cheers for the help. I will ask him to see what their prices are like. Should shortly be rebuilding my Carb
  11. Hi I'm over near hertford. Do you know what carb is fitted to the v8 engine as I really need to rebuild mine so I need to find a kit
  12. Cheers Iain. My sides are ok at the moment. Your more than welcome to measure my hoops if thats any help :angel:
  13. Ive recently brought a 1959 simca marmon and im looking for a source of body parts. I can get most small mechanical parts from rr services but im after a front screen and surrounds and possibly a canvas tilt and rear tailgate. Cheers
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