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  1. Hi there, Can anyone help me with a 24 volt Voltage regulator for Willys Jeep M38A1 year 1953 ... Maybe repair the one I have or replacement... Many thanks
  2. Hi there, .50 cal machine gun cover ( canvas type ) Anyone out there got a .50 cal canvas cover .... Anything around 1950's would be better .
  3. M23 ammunition tray for .50 cal I have the mount and pedestal but missing the tray Can anyone help please.. The mount is post war dated 1958 so post war would be a help... Many Thanks Please, please no time wasters ... Chris Tel: 07585770337 Email: cjruffell@msn.com
  4. There's one for sale on milweb under spares and accessories [h=1]Classifieds – Military Vehicles Spares and Accessories For Sale[/h] [h=1]Classifieds – Military Vehicles Spares and Accessories For Sale[/h]
  5. Hi, I Have a pair of original leaf springs off a 1953 M38A1 Jeep.... I removed these and replaced with new ones due to the jeep listing to one side... LAter to find out it's a comming problem with thses jeeps and changeing the springs won't fix it.So if anyone interested I'm selling the pair for £100 collect only ...Halstead , Essex CO9 Contact Chris 07585 770337
  6. Hi there Can anyone advise me on the best paint for stencils ? I'm doing up a M38A1 jeep which had vinyl stickers on . So now I've got the stencils just need to find the best white paint to do the job
  7. Hi there, Thanks for the info... will try this weekend and have a go ... I keep getting told most jeeps lean to one side anyway ? Is this true ? Still looking for bits to add to jeep . Can anyone advise on best place to get a bumper rope , really want the authentic type ...
  8. Bit confused ? Where or what is the VIN tag ? As this is my first Jeep - can any one help with the issue of the jeep leaning to one side even after I've replaced the rear springs... Also the numbers on the bonnet ! do they mean anything or are they random numbers copied from another jeep just to make it look US Army ? Many Thanks Chris
  9. Hi there , New to this site... Can anyone help ? I've just purchased a M38A1 Jeep 1953 It has a lean to the left about 2".. I've bought and installed 2 rear leaf springs but this hasn't made any difference.. Has anyone got any ideas what I need to do ? Also anyone got ideas what the colour is ? I've been told it maybe Dutch Army but I did purchase this in Belgium and was told it came from the Belgium Army... Nato Green is one surgestion. Thanks Chris
  10. Hi there, New to this site.... Just bought a Willys M38A1 1953 Can anyone advise on the oil I should be using. Have been told different onee to use... 10w/30 seems the most common .. Would this be correct Also really keen to add a few bits to the Jeep... Where's the best place to get a " bumper rope " Many Thanks
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