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  1. Wow what an amazing bbq you have. I've seen this done before and will probably be on cards if it don't free of before then. I've been told tipping a drop of petrol in the bores with the sparks out and then lighting it can result in a quick and sudden jolt that can help free it of. Might try that before the hot oil method. Does anyone know if there is anything more substantial to grip after the starting dog? Engine is still in the ferret but it's looking more likely it's going to have to come out. Only good side I can give the engine bay a clean. It's inches deep in crud. I'll post a pic later on.
  2. Second best I've ever seen is to take the rota arm out the dizzy. Unless they carry a spare it ain't driving no place. First, which is my favourite as it's on a diesel landi. Have a massive chain round the chassis and then round the telegraph pole outside my house hehe.
  3. The tops of the pistons look a little rusty. I've fed it with diesel over the last few days. I'll try warming some light oil and see if that help. Hope it frees off. Is their any point taking off the flywheel to get a better grip further in? Can't find an exploded diagram of the b60 engine to see. Not much point undoing all those castle nuts to find even less grip. Thanks.
  4. Hi What's the best way to un seize a stuck b60 engine? I've got a 3 foot long socket on the starting dog nut but I don't want to put too much force on it as it seems a bit weak. Has anyone stripped the threads on one before? I've got the bores soaking in diesel so help lubricate it. After that it's the head of or engine out me thinks. Thanks for the help.
  5. Gutted thing is it prob has less leaks than most of our vehicles. Especially my landi!
  6. How do oz lad, how's the projects coming along? You going York this weekend. I ain't going to make it can't get the time of work.
  7. Popped in last year to the horns inn bash and to be really honest found it quite difficult to get anyone to talk to us. I know there is some welcoming people in the group as I met some at heatons bridge later on. It just put us of joining the mvt. Mostly heard more talk about the price of washing machines then helpful advice for a younger starter.
  8. Dont think I'll be ready for then. K9 needs a new gasket on the carb as fuel flows out, much fun over a warm exhaust. Plus various odd jobs all over it. Ferret is on for a full rebuild that I've just started, and it needs road registering. The landi needs a small overhall on a few areas. Hopefully get a holiday soon and get a few jobs ticked of.
  9. Thanks for the welcome everyone. Got a few projects on the go so hopefully people can help with a few questions.
  10. Hi I was hoping someone could help me figure out what all this means. I've got a bit of info from just searching the net but any help would be great. Hopefully the attachments will work. Thanks.
  11. Not messed with coms before so it's a grey area for me. It was built in 59 so anything round that period would be fine. If you give me the names of the coms boxes I'll search for them on the net and locate. Thanks.
  12. Hi. Does any one have any pictures of the interior of a ferret armoured car. Am trying to work out what's missing of mine so I can fill a few gaps. Looking to get the internal communications up and running. Thanks.
  13. Hi. My name is Graham, live in Preston area. Ideal day of is trying to avoid doing the decorating by tinkering with all the projects.
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