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  1. I wonder if the dimensions of this WW1 tank replica are are the correct ones - it seems to me that they are not:
  2. On post No.86 above it seems to me that the turrets of the two vehicles in front are slightly different. The sloped part of the vehicle in the background goes further down than on the vehicle in the foreground - is this possible or only something wrong with my eyes?
  3. Thanks for that clarification - I may see you then on Saturday...(I will be on my own feet only, no tracks no MV-wheels :red:)
  4. The famous car of Alexander, if I am not wrong, was a Ford C11ADF 'Woody" were the structure above the doors was removed and the windshield replaced by one of a German Horch Kfz.15 Staff car. That particular vehicle is on disply in Canada.
  5. ...what is to be understood under a "Sunday supplement"?
  6. Colleagues; I would like to point you to the recently published book of a friend of mine: Marmone Herrington - A History of the South African Reconnaissance Car This massive hardbound volume gives an in-depth and detail review of one of the important vehicle types produced and used during W.W.II, a truly international icon, employed by South African, British, New Zealand, Polish, Free French and Greek forces in Greece, Africa and the Middle East as well as Dutch forces in the Far East. While it is of great interest to the historian and researcher, it also supplies a wealth of new inf
  7. I am not sure about that, Tony, although I am not really familiar with these vehicles. What I recall is that the RAF armoured cars were first employed in France as some sort of protected transport for high ranking officers behind the front line. But they considered it as way too uncomfortable and only then, since nobody had a better idea, these vehicles were sent to the Middle East.
  8. Wikipedia says: "The Museum of Army Transport was a museum of British Army vehicles in Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire, England. It was commercially unsuccessful, going into administration, closed in summer 2003." Its collections are said to have been transferred to the National Army Museum. I stumbled about two photos in the net, where a truck disguised to be an LRDG truck w2as called a Chevrolet WB 30cwt... Now. The early Chevrolets used by the LRDG were not WB but WA. And the truck shown on the pivtures is obviously a Dodge but not a Chevrolet (and also the sand channels are not
  9. That vehicle looks just cool! And it would please me in particular, if you would present it in "Desert colors" at the end :-) To that subject I can recommend the book Steel Chariots in the Desert: The First World War Experiences of a Rolls Royce Armoured Car Driver with the Duke of Westminster in Libya and in Arabia with T.E.Lawrence It is a fascinating reading (for those who are interested in the Desert War....)
  10. Many thanks for that information, Jack & Goran.
  11. Jack; you may have overlooked my earlier question - where does one get the tires for such old car? Are they still manufactured somewhere?
  12. I guess that tracked vehicles are not foreseen to participate the actual "convoy" but have to remain in the old quarry, yes?
  13. ...have you been there already in 2010 with a vehicle painted in desert color?
  14. ...it starts to look better an better :-) About the tires - are they still manufactured today?
  15. Kuno

    MOWAG Eagle IV

    ...not only MOWAG and IVECO - it seems to me that nearly all manufacturers nowadays take a truck, place four seats into it and add a lot of armour so that it becomes just too heavy and voluminous to fit into the foreseen reconnaissance-role
  16. Kuno

    MOWAG Eagle IV

    [i did not know where to place these photos else - hope this is the correct place] The shown vehicle is one of the three prototypes which was used for trials and demonstrations (for example to the German Bundeswehr – which bought this type of vehicle consequentially). Manufacturer / Year: MOWAG / 2003 Weight: 7,6 tons Engine: Cummins ISBe 250 turbo, common rail 6 cylinders, 5’883 ccm, 250 hp Gearbox: Allison LCT 1000, 5 forward, 1 rear Speed on road: 120 km/h Crew: Driver, commander and two passengers
  17. ...would you have some more photos of the SAS-jeep, please?
  18. There were many more vehicles inside the museum's hall's. But I did not go there and just stayed outside to loock at the vehicles which were there temporarily (except the two US tanks standing outside and waiting for restoration): - Super Puma of the Swiss Air Force Display - Opel Blitz Van - GAZ 46 - US Tank (taken from a shooting range and waiting for restoration)
  19. Obviously not so many of the forum members are interested in these photos of a recent event - but I thought that I could post some more until the first photos of W&P appear here
  20. Chris: Thank you very much! It seems to have been one of these vehicles which were actually a good idea but never had the fortune they would have needed to become a success...
  21. A Lockheed Super Constellation turned a full circle just outside my window (ok... in some distance :-D)
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