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  1. No original WWI plane could get a flying certificate, but thankfully there have been replicas for a while. For planes its static originals or completely rebuilds which are almost a replica. Even if a like for like, proper copy, replica then no one would really mind. I think there is strong argument for Museum pieces to be as original as possible and reflect the real vehicle warts and all, rather than a hash up of parts to make up something that never really was. Its all in the provenance and really should be complete as possible with some restoration which might include the bare
  2. IR night vision was in its infancy and the spot lights were big. Still think its a forward armoured Artillery OP to keep up with the Panthers.
  3. Nice one, gave me a jolt of nostalgia. I once had a picture of my Recce unit in Germany as a 35mm photograph silhouetted in a similar effect. Annoyingly I lost the photo and the press office borrowed the negative. It was my best photo I had ever taken and they lost it! Still think of it 30 years on. Hay Ho. Very effective and love it.
  4. My guess its a forward OP to direct artillery. Looks like its got radio masts and some optics. Armoured to follow the Panther force. Stug's had low profiles so ideal. No gun, so lots of space for radios. Another option is as a winch vehicle, the two holes for double cabling. Oddly might not even have a top, if so its possibly for armoured tractor use. For pulling trucks through mud as likely as anything. The army got bogged down often enough. Sadly, just an educated guess. Look forward to any "right" answer.
  5. Found myself here, think I have to make a first post here. All very new to me. I blog or whatever it is elsewhere like BBS Airguns, and lurk a few other places. Ha Ho, all good fun. In search for a size 3 or 5 early SAS Smock, must be near mint. I know rocking horse pooh, but I do have a few choice things to swop for anyone who has one and can't fit into it anymore... well some reason they might let it go. ATB
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