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  1. thanks sent a request too them ... Had not thought of trying them. Just got to wait and see what comes back from them had an email frist thing saying they were on it now, and will contact me back with there finds from the files they hold. Once again thanks for the pointer cheers.
  2. Anything that can be of use would be great, only thing is its not a CMP, but then again it maybe in with them as its a Quad based on the same bulk head and rear body built by British steel pressings company which was just down the road from one of the Rootes factory sites and was later taken over by Rootes, the body is joined at the screen to a k6 front end that has had some mod's done to it too meet the angled sides. this mod makes the side part of the screen come off at an angle from the main screens. Rootes seam to of been very good that making something fit, plus using other parts from there Humber parts bin's as well look likely to be from there box production parts. As it was built and supplied to the British Indian Army over seas use only not heard of any records of it being use by British army in the ETO mainly Far East and some use by the units of the 8th Army North Africa, if that helps.
  3. Has anyone got a copy of a maintenance manual for a Karrier KT4 Spider (Indian pattern F,A,T) that they are willing to copy or put on disc, or where i may be able to contact for a copy. The reason is i would like to use my spare parts and spare K6 chassis to bring one back from the dead. It would be helpful to have a manual for one, to help aid this. I have a copy of the K6 workshop manual which will help with the running gear and engine, but could do with it for the chassis dimensions and cab which Rootes manuals have in them . Any pointers or contacts would be greatly received. Also anyone with a MK 1 Morris Quad that has photo's of their restoration they would be wiling to share with me,as both used the same company for the rear body work and this would help get the frame layout right, looks like Rootes use parts from their Humber line for seats and cab fittings. i have tried the Rootes sites no one can help at present and they say they don't hold anything on the KT4 in there files.
  4. Anyone got a towing spring and hook they want to sell, also looking for just a hook and backing plate these are for a 3 ton british lorry ww2 please not NATO hooks as have these fitted cheers contact 01376 331969.
  5. Karrier k6 parts wanted mainly cab parts ,would be interested in any parts you may have ,even if its a wrecked cab or one thats going to be or has been broken up ,spare wheel hold frame parts ,brush bar, starter motor, fuel tank,boxs for under body, tow hook, tow hook spring, winching plates. contact number 01376 331969
  6. can anyone on here help i have just join the hmvf and am looking for some help finding some parts for my k6 karrier . i need to find anyone who has broken or may know of a k6 rusting away that can be used for spare parts .i need to find a cab front ,roof,cab back and a usable floor and frame also needed spare wheel front hold frame and cross bar brace and springs plus handle,rear wheel winch roller wheels full set ,tow hook ,tow hook spring ,tow hook bracing plates ,window frames and hinges ,tank straps and anything else that you may have for the k6 these are the only parts i need to find as what i have has turned into a flat pack of rust thanks for reading and any pointer that you can give me plus i have some spare parts that may help someone else out with for a k6 karrier .
  7. HI I am new on here ,i have a soft spot for british soft skins ww2 i have 3 tonners all ww2 1 15 cwt and working on other nice things all british .well that me i am in Essex just down the road from Gavin Copeman.
  8. there were know flat spots as was off the ground when stored over winter and was not in 4x4 drive as that was the first thing i check at the road side but thanks it all helps .:-)
  9. hi i am a new member to the hmvf i have a question to ask ,about a problem that i am having with one of my truck after taking it out of winter storage and getting it ready for the season. as i know there is a great deal of knowledge out there on this forum . Well here it is i have a 1943 wot6 running the standard v8 and standard fordson axles and shocks .took the truck out on the road just for a short run only to find that it has got whats like a death wobbel on the front end it was running fine then all of a sudden it started to shake the steering wheel and feel like the wheels were lose,i slowed the truck down to a crawl which helped to stop the shaking and after a quick check of every thing on the front end to make sure all was right and there was not some thing worked loose, i started off again there was a very slit shimy which then went away ,i kept the speed down to under 20 mph to get her back to the barn safely. i have never had this before with this truck or any others that i have so i not sure were to look or what to look for to track down what has made this happen .i have parked her up for now and will take a more closer look at things this weekend ,as there is know way that it can be used doing this or go on the road like it . the truck was at 30mph on the speedo at the time and had just gone over a rough bit of road surface before hand ,the whole cab and truck shook it is not a thing i what to happen again. if anyone out there has had this happen and managed to sort it out before could tell me were to start looking ,as of this moment it looking like working through the front axle and bearings tractor joints tyres and steering ,track rod ends to see if there is anything needing replacing or ajusting plus the tyres as there is not much you can do on a wet sunday after noon after being shaken up buy this .fingers crossed someone out there maybe able to give some pointers
  10. Hi iam new to this forum stuff but have been working and playing about with old mv's from my teens .so have now got 5 ww2 vehicles which i have restored from weacks out of scrap yards and put them back on the road ,in total i have had 4 other truck pass through my hands and are now out there somewhere on the circuit i am base in Essexs.
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