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  1. Thanks to all who attended this year. We have now announced our dates for 2022. You can follow in the new thread!
  2. Hi Everyone, Just to let you all know, the Overlord Show 2022 will be held over the Queen's Jubilee central weekend. This is 3rd to 5th June 2022. You can check out a press release here: https://www.overlordshow.co.uk/press-release-2022-show-dates/ There will be more info added to this thread as it comes. Thanks
  3. overlordshow.co.uk
  4. Wrong website link Richard. overlordshow.co.uk Anyway, I've made a post here about everything
  5. Hello everyone, As you know, our 2020 show was cancelled due to the uncertainty surrounding the virus. This was a tough and risky decision but ultimately, this turned out to be the correct call and minimised our losses to only the rent of our field and some miscellaneous expenses. Covid-19 Coronavirus and its variants remains a threat, and we will be monitoring the situation closely, and evaluating the feasibility of the show in a COVID-secure fashion, however, as has been demonstrated, government guidelines are subject to changes at short notice. With the recent announcements by the government with a roadmap out of lockdown, the Overlord Show organising committee has opted to defer this years show to the previously announced reserve dates of 13th – 15th August, rather than targeting our usual show weekend. We are doing this out of an abundance of caution as we are not out of the woods yet, and to ensure that we have the time to organise the kind of show you have come to expect from us. We are hoping most, if not all of the regulations will be sufficiently relaxed, and that exhibitors, and our prospective guests will have increased confidence attending and be able to more fully enjoy the show. Please be sure to mark the new dates, 13th-15th August in your calendars! You can find the event on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/3512629408835374 Exhibitors, please be sure to get your applications in. You can do this from these following pages: https://www.overlordshow.co.uk/exhibitors/ Those who had already applied to the 2020 show (excluding traders) have had their applications automatically transferred to 2021. Those who applied will have received an email with some information regarding this and a request to update their information, confirm they are able or willing to attend on the proposed dates and reaffirm the declarations. If you didn’t get the email, you should check your application appears in the Exhibitors centre under the Exhibitors dropdown and then logging in using the account you created when making the applications. If you have forgotten your password, you can easily reset it from the login page by choosing “Forgot my password”. If your application is not visible in the exhibitors centre, please send us a message using the Contact form and we can double check our records. Similarly, if you have any other show related questions, please do not hesitate to check the FAQ or by emailing using the contact form. We look forward to seeing you all in August! Location: The Lawns, Denmead https://overlordshow.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/omspectacular/ https://www.twitter.com/@OverlordShow https://www.facebook.com/events/3512629408835374
  6. Calling all Exhibitors! It is that time of year again and I would like to formally announce that the applications for OVERLORD D-DAY 75 a.k.a The Overlord Show 2019 are now open! You may be aware that 2019 marks 75 years after D-Day, and it has been decided that we will really push the boat out this year to commemorate this monumental event in history. The team are pleased to announce our most ambitious plans for the main battle, where we hope to simulate the Normandy landings, landing craft and all. While we wish to focus on D-Day this year, we continue to believe that the Overlord Show is dedicated to providing an interesting, exciting, and educational experience of “recent” military history, and is fundamentally multi-era, and we continue to welcome applications from all military vehicles, reenactors or other exhibits regardless of the associated era. As in previous years, the applications for the show will be processed online. Please make an account on our website (If you made an account last year you will NEED to re-register for 2019), and visit the Exhibitors Page. Application forms for each section can be found by clicking the respective buttons on that page! Please visit https://overlordshow.co.uk/exhibitors/ to make an application! Date: 25th -27 May 2019 Location: The Lawns, Denmead https://overlordshow.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/omspectacular/ https://www.twitter.com/@OverlordShow https://www.facebook.com/events/180388875930587/
  7. Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself. Yes, there were new standpipes and the entire water pipe has been relaid at the correct depth. I think duckboards around the standpipes for next year. Also, the road plainings helped a lot. Obviously, this will be an ongoing process. After the heavy rain the day after the show, we have identified a number of areas which we will need to do for next show just in case.
  8. Applications are now open! Please visit https://overlordshow.co.uk/exhibitors/ to make an application!
  9. Yes, I have put the wrong year. The days are correct however. I will fix Thanks for pointing it out.
  10. We have a trailer this year. " width="644" height="390">Something went wrong... https://youtu.be/CsqTLTJ9xtA
  11. Hello Everyone, SOE has started planning the Overlord Show 2018. Mark the date in your calendars. Date: 26th -28 May 2018 Location: The Lawns, Denmead More information to come in the following months. https://overlordshow.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/omspectacular/ https://www.facebook.com/events/133954100455083
  12. Only 4 days to go until the applications close. If anyone is interested in making applications they should do so, asap.
  13. Thought it might be a good idea to bump this back to the top. We've got a good 20 different re-enactment groups (over 250 re-enactors) who've sent their applications in, over 120 vehicles in. Traders are slowly coming through too. We're about where we should be in terms of applications. But remember we are insisting everyone makes an application rather than to just show up at the show. You can find the application forms on the website under the drops downs Vehicles/Re-enactors/Traders etc. https://overlordshow.co.uk/
  14. Re-enactors and Living History Applications are now open. The online application form can be accessed from http://overlordshow.co.uk/re-enactors/entry-form/
  15. Trader Applications now open. http://overlordshow.co.uk/traders/entry-form/
  16. I have been given the go ahead to open the Application for Vehicles. (Re-enactors and Traders will open soon). The Online Application form for Vehicles can be accessed from http://overlordshow.co.uk/vehicles/entry-form/ You will receive a confirmation via email if you specify one, or via post if you don't. All exhibitors are required to fill out an application form, there are NO exceptions to this. If you simply turn up, we aren't necessarily going to turn you away. But you are going to be made to fill out an application form. So might as well do it now.
  17. Hello Everyone, Just here to spread a bit of information regarding the Overlord Show 2017. The Solent Overlord Executive Military Collectors Club is running the show like in previous years and the show team is currently organising next years show. Date: 27th-29 May 2017 Location: The Lawns, Denmead Vehicle Application are now open. 24/11/2016 The Online Application form for Vehicles can be accessed from http://overlordshow.co.uk/vehicles/entry-form/'>http://overlordshow.co.uk/vehicles/entry-form/ You will receive a confirmation via email if you specify one, or via post if you don't. The deadline for applications is May 10th 2017. Traders Applications are now open. 02/12/2016 The Traders form can be downloaded from http://overlordshow.co.uk/traders/entry-form/ Make sure to read the instructions carefully and ensure all required documents are enclosed in your application. The deadline for applications is May 9th 2017. Re-enactors and Living History Applications are now open. (06/12/2016) The online application form can be accessed from http://overlordshow.co.uk/re-enactors/entry-form/ You will receive a email confirming receipt of your application via email if you specify one. You will receive a full confirmation from the Re-enactors coordinator after your application has been approved and any additional information verified. The deadline for applications is May 9th 2017. Please visit our new website for more information as well as contact details. http://overlordshow.co.uk/ You can also check out our facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/omspectacular/ https://www.facebook.com/events/173888646353199/
  18. Thanks to everyone for the information. We're going to monitor the situation for the moment considering there we have no space in the garage to do the work on it.
  19. So is this something better monitored and left until an engine overhaul? It looks like quite a lot of hassle. I'm not a motor mechanic and wouldn't really be confident in doing it myself.
  20. Hi, Took the Ford GPW out for a spin today. When we parked up we noticed that there was quite a puddle of oil on the ground near the back of the engine. On inspection there was quite a strong drip coming from the back of the engine where the bell housing joins it (it is a bit mangled back there so there is small gap, but this is the first time it has been leaking so much) Doesn't seem to leak as fast when the engine is running... Is this going to be the Main Rear seal of the engine or something else? Thanks in advance...
  21. Thanks Julian. We will take a look at them when we come around to renewing. It seems that Cherished Vehicles has been taken over by a company called A-Plan. Cherished wouldn't do insure me before. A-Plan might do it. I didn't know that, but like I said before, we wouldn't didn't want to tow it behind the M35. For one, a jeep is considerably smaller width than the M35. That means you wouldn't even be able to see the jeep behind you. Not knowing where the "trailer" as it were is, isn't the greatest idea.
  22. Hi, Sorry to ask a question on a topic which has been covered a number of times here but after searching I've not really been able to find any information which directly answers the question. I'm currently 19, will be 20 around the time the insurance of my dad's Ford GPW insurance needs to be renewed. We actually also have an M35A2 as well and we would like to attend shows with both vehicles (while towing the GPW is an option - it isn't one we would like to explore), hence another driver is needed, myself. Has anyone been able to successfully insure as a secondary driver anyone under the age of 21 on their vehicle? After checking I've not been able to find any insurance companies which will even consider insurance someone about my age. Obviously we would pay for the privilege to do this, but it seems widely that many insurance companies policy is to not insure anyone under 21, even though they wouldn't have any issue insuring me on a newer more expensive modern car. Does anyone know of a company that would do be able to add a 19/20 year old to classic motor insurance as a secondary driver? Or at least the names of insurance companies which might do it... Thanks in advance.
  23. Hi everyone, I had an account here for a while however never got around to making an introduction. My dad bought a Ford Jeep a few years ago and that got me into the hobby. He is also a member of HMVF. We recently bought a Vietnam war M35A2. I'm currently 18, but am yet to start driving. I can't wait to be able to drive the Jeep, at least. Out of my dad and me, He is the driver, and I'm the one who reads the technical manuals and understands how everything is meant to work. I take the time to sit down and have a play, where as my dad doesn't touch anything he doesn't know about. Weirdly, I don't have a particular interest. We recently started attending shows as an exhibitor and will continue to do so if whenever I have time away from university.
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