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  1. I was not shore, there were conflicting reports
  2. video-1596395545.mp4 video-1596395545.mp4
  3. I have manged to get all the poles and most of the pins to rig up for a Max weight over the side lift.
  4. been a lot of work... and still a lot more todo!, and ive not gone anywhere near the level you have! ive just fixed the broken stuff serviced and then gone over critical systems.. finding parts has been a challenge I was missing a lot of it!! hopefully should have most of it sorted soon.
  5. can anyone help with the above? B40 powered, I have the documents for that, just the auto diesels bit, mid 50's REME unit. Thanks For any help. Sam.
  6. @Richard Farrant is the reason she is not in aden colours 😜 for the best I recon! #GreenMachine
  7. hoping you would spot it Richard 🙂 , im not finished on the back yet. but should look as above plus I add feet marks on the boom not shore yet.. Thankyou for your help with it!
  8. 38ENGR I have only one photo in service. 48BM80 on left.
  9. few pics of "getting there" lol sill lots of wiring and a leaky bevel box to sort! as well as swapping out some old PAS hoses. but she works 🙂 winch is lovely and now pay's on properly, and the crane is nice and smooth, its got a later hydraulic pump fitted that is leaking a bit, but im not overly concerned about it, seems to function well enough.
  10. Shes back to DBG, still lots todo, still after the above bits... "cab sun shade, the suspended tow pickup, the fire extinguisher holders and one of the hub cap a-frame pickups" thanks all.
  11. Hoping u chaps maybe able to point me in the right direction! I’m looking for some of the fittings for a recovery, namely the cab sun shade, the suspended tow pickup, the fire extinguisher holders and one of the hub cap a-frame pickups. None of its critical but if anyone knows of a beyond saving truck that the custodian may be open to selling bits I would be very keen! I’ve found lots of the stuff I need and the community has been great!
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