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  1. The auction will raise funds for the move to Massachusetts and for the new museum building that the Collings Foundation is building for the remaining vehicles. I've heard nothing about it funding any restorations. Once everything is settled in the next year and a half or so, I'm sure they'll get started on some restoration work.
  2. To my knowledge, the auction list hasn't been officially released yet. I do know that many of the vehicles will be post-war types. However, there will be two Shermans in the mix, including an M4A3(75) dry stowage and an Israeli M51. There will also be an M5 Stuart and I think an M3A1 Stuart going on the block as well. Also on the block is a beautiful M37 105mm Howitzer Motor Carriage. The vehicles being kept include all of the WW II German, Russian, and British stuff. Most of the American WW II stuff and a few post-war items such as an M41 Walker Bulldog, M551 Sheridan, T-72 and a few others. Once the list is officially released by the auction company, I'll update my page and the various vehicles sites such as HMVF with the list and link(s).
  3. I'm a volunteer at the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation and been covering the vehicle preparations for the merger and auction on my public Facebook page. Here's the link: http://www.facebook.com/toadmanstankpictures You do not need a Facebook account to view the pictures and videos.
  4. Stu, If you don't hear from anybody by Friday, 10JUNE, PM me and I'll get measurements off of the M16 at the museum I volunteer at. Cheers!
  5. Great job so far! It's nice to see you guys bring this tank back to life!
  6. Hello everyone, The late Jacques Littlefield's Military Vehicle Technology Foundation's (MVTF) website has undergone a complete facelift. Check out the new site: http://www.mvtf.org
  7. Hello everyone, I currently working on a photo project covering a Czech built T-55A. I have most everything I need but could still use a bit of photo assistance. I need pics of the following areas: 1-2 pics of the fume extractor. My subject vehicle has the muzzle covered and I'm unable to remove the cover. 1-2 pics of the Luna spotlight without the cover on the lens. 2-4 pics of the rear of the engine deck with the covers opened exposing the grille/screens. For this particular area, a Czech or Polish built T-55 is preferred as the rear grille area is different than a Russian built -55. And finally, a few shots of the engine and engine compartment. Please pm me if you can help out. I'll provide more details at that time. Thanks!!
  8. Jacques Littlefield died today after a long battle with cancer. He was a heck of a guy who really did a lot for the military vehicle hobby. He will be missed.
  9. Looks great! I can't wait to see it when it arrives at Jacques Littlefield's place later this summer. I'll be sure to post plenty of pics of it at that time.
  10. Hello everyone! I'm Chris "toadman" Hughes from San Jose, CA. I don't have any MV's of my own:-( but I enjoy talking about them and building models of them. I like photographing them too. One of these days, I do hope to purchase some sort of MV but that's a few years down the road(no pun intended). Please check my website out when you get a chance as I'm a frequent visitor to Jacques Littlefield's place and have taken quite a few pictures of his collection, Toadman's Tank Pictures Chris "toadman" Hughes
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