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  1. I like the tape on the flor as a guide to reverse parking. It wouldn't be easy to reverse in there. All that work and it looks just like it did a year ago. Well done.
  2. I've used an old fashioned copper headed soldering iron as a heat sink. They are heavy chunks of copper and are readily available, used, work a treat. Even have a handle to hold them.
  3. You can never have too many spare parts.
  4. In Australia we've been using E10 (and even E85) with minimal impact on the average vehicle owner. People who had cars older than 15 years at the time of introduction had some issues with rubber products, but these vehicles were approaching the end of their effective lifecycle. For older collector cars or Military Vehicles it's a simple matter of spending a few Dollars or Pounds to replace the rubber lines in the fuel system, the pump diaphragm and perhaps give the carburettor on overhaul ensuring everything is replaced with modern Ethanol resistant products. How many metres or feet of hose are we talking about on the average MV? Not much at all. Our older vehicles won't suddenly melt down into a puddle of scrap because E10 is used. I put Anti-Ethanol people in the same category as Anti-Vaxers. People listen to too many horror stories created by the uninformed/uneducated/scare mongers on the Internet and accept it as Gospel.
  5. What an achievement. You deserve to look at her and smile.
  6. Just go 3 phase. Yes it will cost but will be worth it over the years with less problems and you can then use any 3 phase equipment you want. I'm in Sydney also and 3 phase may cost up front but you will be way ahead over the years.
  7. Australia has the best outback medical services in the World. The Royal Flying Doctor has been treating patients anywhere they can land a plane all over the bush for since 1928. It treats almost 400,000 patients a year in either clinics, or flying to Stations (very large farms) and anywhere there is need for a Doctor. The are many places you will see a sign stating the RFDS use the road as an airstrip and they have right of way. On the trailer problem, I've done a huge amount of outback travel and I wouldn't have tried the trip with a squirrelly trailer. priority one would be get the trailer sorted first.
  8. I've used a similar product (Por15) on 3 tanks over the last 10 years. The first tank failed about two weeks ago and I'm replacing the tank as once the sealant is installed it basically can never be removed, which means you can re-seal the tank. Of the other two, one was de-commissioned after two year sand may still be perfect. The last one is still motoring along but is only 3 year sold. Would I use it again? most likely no. I'd rather have a new tank built professionally as it would be cheaper and easier in the end.
  9. I've just had a POR15 tank repair fail after 9 years. The problem is once it's been done it can't be resealed by the same method. I can replace my tank (it's an 80litre car tank) without much trouble or cost but I have 3 other treated tanks and now I'm starting to worry. I must get myself a T shirt!
  10. Jon, This is one of my "go to threads" as the effort and engineering are worth the wait.
  11. Keep at it I'm enjoying this from afar.
  12. I saw the award this morning and immediately knew who was behind it. Well done.
  13. Have you thought about pumping water and soluble oil? The oil should lubricate and prevent corrosion.
  14. Would they be the same as the generators in the tunnels on Gibraltar? The reason ask I was in Gibraltar as a teenager in 1966 and my Father was telling me how to start them with the crank and demonstrated how it was done on a genset. He was a RADAR operator in New Guinea.
  15. Burt Munroe (Worlds fastest Indian) used black boot polish on his tyres to hide the cracks. Maybe he was on to something? Of course being a KIWI he would have used KIWI brand boot polish.
  16. If you mount a recovery effort put me down as labour. I live in northern Sydney so quite close. I also have a Tirfor.
  17. Apply to the Council of the Shire the shed came from as they should have plans on file from when it was built. The other way is just build it and don't tell them!.
  18. Try exhaust flange gaskets of the appropriate size for the copper/asbestos gasket.
  19. How did the painting of the insides of the pipe tubes go?
  20. Rob, Have you looked into using two jacks, one on top of each rear wheel, to jack and hold the guards in place, or sort of in place, whilst you get the bolts in?
  21. After years of watching your Posts I've finally seen a train on the tracks. Good to see it isn't abandoned.
  22. Running a 12volt coil in lieu of a 6 volt coil (with ballast) will make it harder to start. When the starter is engaged the coil gets the full 12 volts so it has a fatter spark. When you release the key it swaps to 6 volts supply to run the engine. I think Clive is on the money with checking exactly what coil you have.
  23. I would think you need a RHD steering box and probably the RHD clutch mechanism. At least there would be more RHD drive parts available than LHD parts.
  24. Once cleaned up both cam and crank could be spray welded or welded and re-machined. We have at least one company in Australia who does that to build up cams for a hotter grind. not the best way to do it but it works and these old trucks won't be doing 100,000 miles per year.
  25. I've used an irrigation nozzle with a pressure tank to spray inside pipes where finish isn't important but coverage is. A 5 litre pump bottle with a length of hose (put it inside an thin metal tube) and a nozzle and you will be surprised at the result. If you really fussy you could put the nozzle on wheels so it keeps in centred and rolls easily. The other option is sit the tube on end and drop the nozzle in from above.
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