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  1. Hello, I would like to buy a No. I Dial Sight Carrier Adapter for my 25 pounder. Can pay with bank transfer or Paypal. Any offers here or to PM, please. Thank you.
  2. Hi. I know they are rare, but I have found a pair of CMP FAT rear seats and it led me to hope to find the other pair. Would be very happy for ony offer or an information leading to find one. PM me here pelase.
  3. ..any news, Rob? Have you found a survivor? Cheers,Frankie
  4. Hi. Could anyone please tell me the dimension (metric ) of the limber? And how much is a weight of a limber with trays and no ammunition? An a weight of the base gun circle? Thank you! Frankie
  5. For a CMP Chevrolet I am looking for a Chevrolet 235 engine in running order. Europe preffered. Thank you, Frankie
  6. I am looking for original long cargo security strap for a T214 Dodge. OD 3 preffered, OD7 good too Thank you, Frankie
  7. Hello, for my and my friend's cab 13 Ford Canada FGTs I am looking for 10 seats. If you have less, please, let me know, too Thank you, Frankie P.S.- can pick them on Ciney Military or let send them to my friend in UK, who takes them there. Will be on War and Peace Revival next year.
  8. Thank you very much for your offer, we have enough differentials now - we have bought another ones. I just am wondering what could the one we have come from. Regards, Frankie
  9. Hi all. I was really happy to find a topic called "Maybe I'm stupid, but..." - because it really describes the feeling I have. During the renovation of our WC51 we bought one spare complete differential. BUT we were VERY surprised - visually and dimensionally it is IDENTICAL as the T214 one, but the amount of teeth differs totally. The half tone Dodge has the teeth ratio 4,88 / 1 - so most probably it has 8 teeth pinion / 39 teeth ring gear. The T214 has the 5,38 / 1 = 6 pinion / 35 gear ring teeth BUT the differential we bought has 10 teeh pinion and 43 teeth gear ring! ..so
  10. Here's picture of this trailer in Korean war: https://www.cda-adc.ca/en/about/forces/history/ Frankie
  11. Thank you very much for your invitation, Rob, I hope to arrive once into your place - looking forward to see it all! Frankie
  12. Thank you all. Robin, I am not much in modern stuff, in radio stuff and I am totally against russian stuff, but I will ask few friends if they do not have it. Could you send me a picture of what exactly you need? My mail is 2nd-ranger-bn "@" centrum.cz Frankie
  13. Hi Rob, Thank you very much for you offer! I know your offers from milweb and MLU Forum, hopefully we'll make a deal once. I really love the "combination" :laugh: Frankie
  14. Hello, my name is Frantisek / Frankie and I live in Pilsen. I am interested in US, British, Canadian and German WWII cars and mostly trucks. My father has few of them - so that's where my interest begun years ago. Few of his cars were in old good Wheels and Tracks magines - in messages "from behind the iron curtain." In few years (hopefully next year) me and my father are going to renovate (or let renovate) a cab 13 FGT - which was originaly from Czechoslovakian Independent Armored Brigade Group, so I am looking for a limber and a 25 pounder (and looking for money to pay them )
  15. Rob, Thank you for showing this rare beauty here. Excelent work you did on it! Are you going to take it to War and Peace this year? thank you for your answer, Frankie
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