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  1. Hi Folks, this is the M19 Tank Transpoter from Merit/Transporter. The "small" version is the good als Matchbox Kit in 1:76 and the Chaffee is from Bronco (not really fixed to the trailer - just used for comparison). All in all this was a joy to build except that safety chains and hoses were missing. The rest is just out of box. No extra PE or Resin Parts. I made with Model around 2015 for german Scale Model Magazine ModellFan and I think a got some support here at hmvf concerning the safety chains. So it's really about time to show the finished model here. Hope you like it!
  2. Thanks a lot for your support! 🙂 Unfortunaly this is also a scam site that immediatelly asks for Credit Card Information 😞
  3. Well, to be honest, I doubt that UK Police can do anything in this case, because the IP adress of the site belongs to a hoster in Skopje, North Macedonia. So things might get a little complicated if I (citizen of Germany) report to UK Police a fraud site in Macedonia 😉 Nonetheless, I think your idea is a good one and I really should not just ignore this. There is a abuse adress of the hoster in the whois database. I think I will leave a message there. Bye, Dirk
  4. I tried that one already, but unfortunaly it is only a fraud site to gather credit card information 😞
  5. Hi @all, I am looking for a copy of Leyland Retriever by Mike Conniford https://www.amazon.com/Leyland-Retriever-Mike-Conniford/dp/0907403018 Does someone like to sell a copy or knows where I can get one? A scan might help me too if I can can't get an real copy. Any help would be really appreciated! Bye, Dirk
  6. Hi Tony, this surely helps me a lot ! Thank you very much for this answer ! In the meantime appeared a second question to me. It is absolutely clear to see where the electricity cable was connected to the truck. But I can't find out where if was connected to the trailer. You'd make me pretty happy if you could help with this one. Bye Dirk
  7. Hi @all and thank you very much ! @Dick : No, I'm not on facebook. I prefer the good old decentralized way the internet was made for. I hope I will end my life when I'm old and grey without a facebook acount ;-) @Tony : I'd be glad to show you some of my models here. I'll post some on the weekend Bye, Dirk
  8. Hi Dick, this would surely help me a lot. I will send you my email address by personal message. But what exactly do you mean with crossing the chains ? On all the pictures I have seen it looks like the chains aren't crossed. Do you have any closer information about this ? Thanks ! Dirk
  9. Hi guys, I hope this is the right spot formy question. I'm a scale modeller and I'm pretty close to finish my latest project : A M19 Tank Transporter. There is one question I can't find any answer to on any picture I have found of a Diamond T 980/981. Between the trailer and the tractor are 2 security chains and I just can't figure out how and where exactly those chains are connected to the tractor. It seems that those chains have some hooks on the one end and that those hooks are connected to the sides of the frame. But I just can't find a picture of those parts in detail. Do
  10. Hi @all, my name is Dirk, I am 39 years old and I'm from Germany, from an area called "Saarland" pretty close the borders to France and Luxembourg. I'm a scale modeller with a focus on US Softskins of WW2. I found this forum because of the great Thread with pictures of Diamond Ts If you have any questionsleft about me, please feel free to ask. Bye,Dirk
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