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  1. Hi Baz, Great job, it gives a hole new look to your OXC. Specially that name plate on the front Jony
  2. Hello, I am looking for tires like on your MW for my OXC Bedford Scammell. The military pattern is not a problem, but the civil once on the front axle is very hard to find in Belgium. Thanks for Your help
  3. Hello; For most of current american ww2 vehicules You can find paper copies of TM on www.paperprint.be . There are more than 260 different TM copies availlabel one this site and he send all over the world. He also have some CMP and british ww2 TM or spare parts list. Jony
  4. Hello, I can maybe help You. A friend of me make good copies from original TM or spare parts lists. He found some one about OXC. If interested for the TM or other vehicules please contact him on his site: www.paperprint.be He send all over the world and is not very expencive. Jony
  5. I have a Ford Canada F-60-L And a Bedford Scammell OXC who needs a restauration.
  6. Welcome; come over too Celles, you will see other Comonwealth vehicules in the Belgian Ardennes.
  7. Hello, My name is Jony and I live near to Ciney Belgium. I am the proud owner of a CMP Ford Canada restored about 15 years and I start the restoration of a Bedford Scammel OXC. Thanks to Barry who helps me with information about this vehicule. Hope to find more help and meet interesting people. You have a great sources of information. Best regards Jony
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