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  1. As your Forum title suggests Lizzie. I agree with Richard, you served with THE Corps? ;)


    I also like the RL, I had one until 3 years ago. Manufactured in 1953 & Saw action in the Suez 'Crisis'. Lovely vehicle to drive & work on. Which I also did was I was in the Corps myself! :-D Also owned three Ferrets as well, which you also like, you say?


    Welcome to the Friendly Forum! :yay:


    Hello Ferret Fixer,


    Thanks for your welcome. Ferrets! Great, now let me guess, your 1953 one was with .....hmmmm, 6RTR? That regiment scuttled out of Suez for Homs, Libya with a squadron going to Cyprus. Not many photos or accounts of their time in Libya, unfortunately. WRAC/REME yes, not so sure about the Arte et Marte though! A BIG hand wave back to you! :yay:


    Kind regards,


  2. Hi Lizzie,

    That is an interesting profile. I must say, the 1950's vehicles are of interest me (as well as my WW2 British vehicles) and the Explorer and K9 are particular favourites, along with the RL of course.


    I am guessing you served in REME?


    regards, Richard


    Hello Richard,


    Thanks for your response. Nice to know that we’ve similar vehicle interests. Your Dingo; well I shall put up some post-war Libya Dingo photos soon that should be food for discussion or just enjoyment. As I’m sure you and all forumers (is that a ‘proper’ word?) well know, many WW2 vehicles soldiered on in great numbers well into the late 50s and beyond. I have to say that I’m really inquisitive about the vehicles that are subjected to my attention, forming questions about VRNs, units, unit locations (barrack names), unit markings (and subtle differences), colour schemes, dates in service/photo taken, quantity on strength and....what happened to them!

    Yes, Bluebelle was indeed, WRAC/REME! Well travelled too, both as a child and when in service herself. My brother was REME/QDG/REME, our father was first an RAOC Boy Soldier became a REME Boy Soldier though into adult service (tiffy big guns/vehicles), his father was exactly the same (AOC/RAOC/REME) and his father too, was an AOC Armourer S/Sgt with the 4th Rifle Brigade (1887).


    Kind regards,


  3. Hello Folks,

    Having lurked around on this great forum for a considerable while, I thought I should let you know who I am, especially the 200 or so that have peeped at my profile to see who I am and found..... nothing! Fixed now.

    I’m a Brit business woman in Calgary who is mad about British Army vehicles in service between 1950 and 1990, particularly those that were utilised in Libya up until 1970. I’m also an amateur military historian focussed on that period, again with a Libya focus. Why? No idea though being an army brat may have something to do with it, having lived and gone to school in Libya (Homs) where my father was the WO1(ASM) of the REME LAD attached to The Second Royal Tank Regiment 1959-1962. I, and my brother also served in HM Forces, hence the handle, BlueBelle ...now there’s a clue to those in the know! My name otherwise is Lizzie Taylor and I originally hail from deepest, darkest Wales. The village of Fairbourne to be precise.

    From an historical perspective, my favourite vehicles of the period are (with a Libya focus again), the Scammell Explorer, the Diamond T Tank Transporter, M5/M9 Half Track, Cromwell (still in use in 1955/6 with 3RHA Homs and their Sexton SPGs), Comet, Centurion, Saladin, Saracen, Ferret, Champ, Ford Thames E2/3/4 truck, Morris MRA1, Austin K9 and, wait for it, ...... the Bedford RL Binner! I’d love to own a vehicle that survives from that era. The LAD Binner brought us children our tortoises when the troops came back from desert schemes! The LAD Half Track was sometimes our school bus! My father’s big Mercedes saloon (ex-Wehrmacht) substituted as an ambulance to ferry us poorly children to BMH Tripoli when hordes of us fell ill with dysentery and the army ambulances were fully over-engaged! Halcyon days!

    I have vehicle photos that I’ll be posting whilst also some time soon, requesting information on certain aspects of army vehicles, particularly of those used in Libya.

    That’s a BIG intro! Isn't it? :wow:

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