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  1. SOLD For Sale £5999 1944 WD Norton 16H Full military trim Restored 4 years ago and has been in store for 2 years since moving house Just needs a little fettling and she'll be good to go. Please look at http://www.harewood-cottage.co.uk/norton for further details Location Calstock on the Devon/Cornwall border 01822 834545
  2. Yep, I consider myself very lucky to have found it (he/she) and only 20 miles from where I live. I really wanted something in original condition rather than a rebuild and was willing to travel the whole of the UK to find one :-). Will post more pictures later.
  3. Matchless developed the Teledraulic forks in 1941 and that is what made this bike the forces favourite. Can't wait to get on it myself. TTFN Ian
  4. Thanks for that. I have just bought it through a classic motorcycle dealer friend of mine in Cornwall. The previous owner having sold it as he can no longer use it. I should get the buff log book, V5 etc on Monday. Do you have any observations ob the bike that may be of use to you. Will keep you posted Ian
  5. Here's a few pictures of my new 1943 Matchless 3GL . The census number ties up with the frame number, and it looks as though the engine has been changed. But as the bike was used by the Royal Military Police ERII (see transfer on tank) after 1952 when the WW2 census numbers would have been obsolete, so they should not be present. The number plate has the current civilian registration number but the plate looks like it originally had the post 1947 numbering system. On the right hand side of the tank is a black panel which faintly reads "Military Motorcycle Museum". The formation sign is the post WW2 one for the 48th Division. Any feedback/comments/observations greatly appreciated. Regards Ian
  6. Here are some pictures. Any feedback/comments/observations would be greatly appreciated. THanks Ian
  7. Today I became the very proud owner of a 1943 Matchless G3L. The bike is in orginal colours and equipment and not demobbed after the war, At some time in its career it "joined" the Provost Company of the 48th Division and remained in the service and acquired a Royal Military Police ER II transfer to the tank. On the side of the tank is a painted over panel that reads "Military Motorcycle Museum" (interesting !!!) As soon as I get the paperwork I should be able to find out when it was demobbed. The C# is C4842901. Will keep the forum posted. Regards Ian
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