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Tracks to the Trenches 2018 (July 13-15th)



It's been a while since we posted anything about the Finale' of the "Tracks to the Trenches" First World War Centenary Events in Staffordshire!  13-15th July 2018.

The event is coming together well & we have an array of WW1 vehicles attending over the weekend - as with 2016 we should have the RLC GS wagon and the privately preserved 18lb Field gun & limber. Both these will be on active displays during the event. The gun should be firing (blanks) at times during the weekend.

In addition, on the Light Railway, we will be debuting the British WD Light Railway Hunslet 4-6-0T - an original 1916 War Office steam loco which (as I write this) is undergoing its first steaming trials. This loco saw post-war use in Australia hauling sugarcane in Queensland & is now the only one of its type in Europe.

This will be in action alongside the famous Baldwin 4-6-0T (also operated by the British Army in vast quantities), WD Hudswell 0-6-0WT and a wide variety of original WW1 rollingstock - a sight unlikely to be repeated for a very long time.

If anyone is interested in attending with vehicles please contact me via the forum or the event website: www.ww1-event.org

Many thanks,

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