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part one

landrover nick



A new restoration blog for my next restoration project which is a bedford MWD built in July 1940 i first saw this truck when my friend John Rippingham asked me to help with the recovery of two bedford trucks he had bought from the disposal sale of a collection of military vehicles in Chester 

The two trucks after there recovery from chester


The second truck being a later 1941 full cab model ,having already restored a later 1942 MWR model with a closed cab i thought it would be an intresting project to restore the aero screen truck


July 1940 bedford as found

The truck had been brought to Chester by the previous owner Trevor Willliams who bought the MW at the dispersal sale of the Grange cavern museum in 1989 it was in the sale catalogue as LOT 108 ww2 bedford MW rolling chassis , part completed restoration project and sold for £200.00 it must have been a much more complete truck in 1989 as Rita ,Trevors wife remembers her husband towing the truck home from the sale with a tractor as she followed behind on a moped ,the site at side of the river Dee in Chester was prone to flooding so i think some of the missing parts of the truck are some were in the Mersey estuary

what is left of the truck seems to be very original with the chassis number still readable ,all the plates on the dash are still in place showing the chassis number and the engine number on data plate  matches the stamping on the engine block ,the contract plate is still riveted to the top of the dash pannel showing contract V3733


all the dash instruments ,choke cable and starter pull knobs are correct for an aero screen truck onf July 1940

having drained about three gallons of water from the engine sump and found lots of rust under the rocker cover there is not much hope of saving the engine but hopefully the engine block will be reusable


i thought that the gear box was also full of water and rust but when i removed the gear box top it was only the selector shafts in the gear box top which were ceased up with the gear box in neutral the gears can be rotated ,so some hope there .


removing the drain bolts in the back axles the axle was found to be still full of gear oil and inspection of the diff and pinion teeth show very little signs of wear


the truck is now safely home and moved into the new workshop tent ready for the big strip down




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Hi Nicky

Nice looking project, plenty of work.Look forward to seeing its progress.

I will contact you re-gearbox, as I have a few spare bits



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Guest lizray


We have acquired an FMW Tug used by the Navy - But we don't know how to get the Release documents from the navy so we can use it on the road - we don't know what it would be classed as has it hasn't a speedo just an hours clock and it cant dip its lights - it as the number plate on it from when it was in service - we don't even know where to start - it runs well and starts first time - any help would be great

thanks Raymond

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18 hours ago, Guest lizray said:

We have acquired an FMW Tug used by the Navy - we don't know what it would be classed as has it hasn't a speedo just an hours clock and it cant dip its lights -

thanks Raymond

Below are the relevant parts of the legislation regarding speedos and dipping headlights but should really read the whole of each piece of legislation before deciding if your Tug would be road legal.

Speedo regs:-


35.—(1) Save as provided in paragraphs (2) and (3), every motor vehicle shall be fitted with a speedometer which, if the vehicle is first used on or after 1st April 1984, shall be capable of indicating speed in both miles per hour and kilometres per hour, either simultaneously or, by the operation of a switch, separately.

(2) Paragraph (1) does not apply to—

(a)a vehicle having a maximum speed not exceeding 25 mph;

(b)a vehicle which it is at all times unlawful to drive at more than 25 mph;

(c)an agricultural motor vehicle which is not driven at more than 20 mph;

(d)a motor cycle first used before 1st April 1984 the engine of which has a cylinder capacity not exceeding 100 cc;

(e)an invalid carriage first used before 1st April 1984;

(f)a works truck first used before 1st April 1984;

(g)a vehicle first used before 1st October 1937; or

(h)a vehicle equipped with recording equipment marked with a marking designated as an approval mark by regulation 5 of the Approval Marks Regulations and shown at item 3 in Schedule 4 to those Regulations (whether or not the vehicle is required to be equipped with that equipment) and which, as regards the visual indications given by that equipment of the speed of the vehicle, complies with the requirements relating to the said indications and installations specified in the Community Recording Equipment Regulation.

(3) Instead of complying with paragraph (1) a vehicle may comply with Community Directive 75/443 or with ECE Regulation 39.

 Copied from - http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1986/1078/regulation/35/made


Lighting regs:-

Dipped-beam headlampSchedule 4: Part I


A vehicle having a maximum speed not exceeding 15 mph;

A vehicle first used before 1st April 1986 being an agricultural vehicle or a works truck;

A vehicle first used before 1st January 1931.

Copied from - http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1989/1796/made



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Guest landrover nick


11 hours ago, slick50 said:

That's a nice workshop tent Nick....can I ask where you had it from please?

hi the tent came from a company called dancover a quick internet search should find them 


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How sturdy is it? It does look very robust. I could do with something similar as one vehicle we are working on is having to be stored outside.

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Great looking project, look forward to following your blog.  It would appear that trucks of this era shared a lot of the same parts, at a quick glance the gearbox internals look identical to my Fordson and the ignition switch is also the same. 

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