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Adrian Barrell

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I have been envolved in the LH side of things before and always find mixed reactions.


Some are amazed to see kit/pictures/vehicles again, others can be rude and offensive. But will all Conflicts its subjective and all people have different out takes. Anything with the general public and you will get a mixed feedback.


I now do not do any,mainly because of personal reasons.


I now only wear what I have earnt(dpm 95's) and the vehicle and kit I have is the era I have served with. To me its easier and I do not have to rely on others to fill in the blanks.


The past does need to be remembered and displayed. Or we would be channelling and giving future generations a limited view on what has been. But it should be done tastfully, this is the hard area as you will never please all Jo Publics and veterans alike. With anything Military there will always be objections and praise.


Lets try and all get on and admire the effort of others, yet try to be tastefull and thoughtful towards those with connections to the Subject.


Badges,flags,ranks,decorations,vehicles,conflicts. Subjective to the viewer. A free country is the reason for such diversity,maybe if we started to limit the spectrum we supress ourselves into past opressions.


We are all different, with out this our movement would not exist :)

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Could probably write an essay on this but at a basic level, my view is that us MV owners do it more for the fun and because we like quirky vehicles. It can be good to perhaps put some kit on which 'goes' with the vehicle, but down to every last detail? I suppose that depends on what you're trying to achieve.

At the end of the day, for us, the vehicles are the things we should 'dress up'. So long as we keep this old metal preserved and on the move, as they are important pieces of history, that's all that matters? We get the same level of enjoyment out of them regardless of what we're wearing or what our main interest is.

Our vehicles go out during the show season, and occasionally get a drive during the winter. It's all about driving, enjoying and showing them to joe public. It's worth it for the stares and smiles you get from little kids!

Don't know if that contributes much!

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