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Bomber Command Heritage - Bicester Carnival - vehicles wanted 12th July 2009

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Folks, can anyone help Bomber Command Heritage with MV's for their promotional stand at Bicester Carnival on July 12th? The event starts at 12.00pm with set up prior so ideally vehicles wanted no later than 11.00am


BCH is trying to put on a bit of a show to fundraise for their Heritage Centre/Museum Campaign, but also to promote what they are trying to do and why in relation to the local and national context and benefits.


The Carnival's theme this year is "unity" which is at the core of the BCH subject, i.e. the way in which our Nation, with the other Nations of the Commonwealth and Free European forces (Poles, Czechs, Free French etc.), all came together.


On the day BCH plan to have a couple of marquee-type structures that will house displays and information, as well as fundraising games.


They would very much like a number of historic vehicles and re-enactors on the stand and are even hoping be able to rig up an "anti-aircraft post" to pay homage to the RAF Bicester AA-team that managed to shoot down a Ju88.


They want their stand to give a flavour of the 1930s/40s period and the British & Commonwealth effort as encapsulated in their plans for the Heritage Centre/Museum at RAF Bicester.


At the end of the day, after the public has gone, they are hoping to have a little post-show BCH social "do" as a thank you to everybody for helping.


If anyone can help please can they email me on gmc353@mac.com


Vehicles and re-enactors ideally requested are those that reflect the immediate pre-war and wartime RAF, ideally with a Bomber Command link but at the end of the day, tell me what you'd like to offer if anything and we'll take it from there. Commonwealth and free European country themes especially welcome, essentially if we are offered non American, non Axis and non post war input Allied themed input we'll probably use you.


There is no fuel money on offer as basically all funds are being used towards the campaign to save RAF Bicester for the future as a Bomber Command time capsule for the nation. I'm sure everyone will understand that, but no harm making it clear to avoid disappointment/embarrassment on the day.


Many thanks in advance to anyone within easy reach of north Oxfordshire who can rally to this very important cause.


Neil Stevens

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