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"Salvage Squad" - and the Stalwart!!

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Being stuck indoors, going stir crazy whilst job hunting I went channel hopping on the TV and found one of the cable companies reshowing the old Salvage Squad episode on the Stalwart.


Watching the show one of the first things they(allegedly) do is to remove and replace/repair the rubber seals on the hull/dropgates which are said to be glued and bolted into place. If you ever get a chance to see this show again pay careful attention to the passing shot of the hull and gates as they work to reinstall the swim gear - the seals are all missing!!!!!! Plenty of red oxide primer but no rubber is evident until the last day of the restoration... :rofl::rofl::rofl:


And I'd love to know how they can hammer the swimboard pins in and out without seeming to damage the paint on the pins!!!!! Whenever I do it paint flakes go everywhere.....

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Not in the one I've just seen!!! Are you thinking of the Centurion AVRE one perhaps??


On this one they had to call in the boys from Bovvy to sort out the fuel system - and about 3 days work in forming new seal retainers was reduced to 5 minutes.... :)

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