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Nick Johns

Great Dorset steam fair '09

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Richard, well I felt a bit despondent. Visitors to steam shows over the last few decades years would feel a loss from the contribution by this lady who with her girls raised a lot of money for cancer relief.




And! Yes Nick the other thing that depressed me was conking out on top of steep hills getting there.





I remember that lady from years back at other steam shows as well, Rushmoor comes to mind. Very sad to hear that.


As to your "conking out on hills", this also happened to me this weekend, but it was a relativley easy fault to find, a whacking great flake of paint ( from the inside of a pesky jerrican ), had gone right up the suction pipe in the tank.


Glad to hear so got it sorted out and hope it did not spoil the show too much for you.

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Was there a Ward Lafrance M1A1 (open cab) as well as the closed cab M1? I was helping a chap source some parts and he was hoping to get them in time for GDSF. I never heard back so I don't know if he made it :confused:.


- Mike


I didn't see an M1A1. Was quite dissappointed as I need some detail photo's for my restoration.

Only saw the Series 1 and identified some of the differences.


Couldn't believe how many Scammells were on display, in military and Civilian guise, particularly Explorers, didn't know there were so many left running!


Glad I went on the Friday, only one hour queue on roads to get in and not as hot as Saturday. Didn't see Mikes Antar or either of the Rotinoffs. Maybe next year?

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The Neanderthal retards were in attendance, cracking one of my indicator lenses and nicking the Quad's radiator cap.......




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